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  • It’s adorable and attractive shot

  • and a final Anders Zorn picture

  • a couple of beautiful paintings by Anders Zorn to me there is such an impressionistic lightness of touch, a delight in light and how it falls on surfaces and beautiful nudes that convey a sort of innocence and naturalness would love to see the originals

  • Winter is generally very mild in Brisbane…… this year, with only a few days to the winter solstice, I managed a day at my favourite resort, relaxing by the pool, reading and meeting some friends who share the lifestyle ,the temperature was 27 degrees, with blue skies and no breezes….. ideal for a naturist outing…… here are some…[Read more]

  • rather liked this picture by Anders Zorn 1888 posted because of the conversation previously in the home page

    • Yes, lovely. A utopian scene – clearly somewhere remote, as you need a boat to get there…
      Water is not the easiest of things to paint, but he has achieved it beautifully.

      • have to agree Brian and Richard looks somewhat impressionistic in the softness of the colours, without actually being impressionistic

        • Your totally right. He, and al other of the Scandinavian artists, that came to study and paint in Paris and France, at the same time as the impressionists. They was inspired by the impressionists and their opendairpaintings, but never copied them. They managed to make som cind of a Scandinavian school, together with russian artists, at the same…[Read more]

        • Another thing Zorn and his colleagues was masters about, was to catch the light, in al different ways, in their paintings.

          • from the pictures I have seen, to date, I would have to agree in a similar but totally different way to the impressionists I think his work is beautiful

    • Lovely image.

  • at home, recovering from a bad dose of shingles, managed a couple of hours over the weekend to indulge in the autumnal weather {26C} two favourite pastimes…..reading and being nude…….in a private corner of my yard….. a great boost to my physical and mental wellbeing and I managed to finish my current book…… all aspects most enjoyable

    • Get well and pray you will recover from Shingles my friend.

    • That can be nasty. Good luck with your recovery.

    • Nice to have some peace and quiet for a little reading, even better nude.

    • What does it mean «Dectyective Verg Novel» written on the head of the fox?

      • it is a book from a series [the first in it] titled The Department of Sensitive Crimes, by Alexander McCall Smith…… a Scottish writer of many different series of works……..He wrote, amongst other things, the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, etc et how eagle eyed of you to see that in the photo. I have enjoyed many of his books

        • it is a Scandi Noir type of series his books are always beautifully written not great literature but a really good enjoyable read

          • I was simply trying to find what you were reading, it’s a kind of illness among librarians 🙂 Thanks for the explanations and suggestion. Now I see «Verg» is the name of the detective. We have some titles translated into Italian: one of them is interesting: «The Lost Art of Gratitude»… Gunnar Staalesen has also a detective named Verg Veum

            • I do understand Vittorio….I am also a librarian so i am in good company the name is actually VArg not VErg cheers

    • Wishing you a speedy recovery ))

    • How bad was the rash? I hear if it wraps all the way around, it’s really painful.

      • the rash is dissipating after several weeks, and was around from the centre line solarplexus on my left side to the centreline in my back about 6 inches wide and very very itchy and painful……….the rash has calmed down and most blisters disappearing but I now have severe nerve pain

    • Hope you have recovered from your case of the shingles; not a pleasant experience I know. I have had three shingrits shots to prevent them, but nothing seems to stop them. Not very severe, but inconvenient. Get well soon.

      • Thank you for yr kind msg of concern…..rash now settling but have serious nerve pain as a result….not sure how long it will last….am on heavy doses of appropriate painkillers….feel spaced out…..don’t recommend the condition to anyone….Will have vaccination when i am back to good health…thank for yr kind thoughts

        • what did they put you on for the nerve pain? Lyrica? The doc put me on Lyrica 450 mg daily for my back, so just wondering…

          • I have been taking large doses of Lyrica evening and morning….. makes me feel a tad dizzy etc but reduces pain and allows some sleep albeit interrupted I am also taking Panadol have been using some vit B3 cream on the rash it does help thanks for your msg cheers

        • You are welcome

  • my week at the resort is coming to an end in a day or so…..back to day to day life at home…… with quite a few commitments on the horizon

  • Hard to leave the pool at this resort….perfect weather

  • am staying at a favourite resort for a week……… nice to be totally relaxed in such great surroundings with others who love the naturist lifestyle

  • caught up with some friends at a favourite resort last weekend always great to spend time with congenial, nudist company

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