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  • As soon as I can I enjoy getting my kit off, just getting on with the normal days duties but naked, feels just right

  • Prefer to do home chores nude when possible….they seem less onerous

    • So natural to be naked doing housework. However can’t do that with a non Nudist wife who doesn’t approve and is very conservative and modest

      • It is difficult for many naturists who have a ‘partner’ that doesn’t approve. However there are times perhaps when by sitting & talking, a compromise situation can be reached. A young mother I know regularly breast feeds her baby,in the evening after feeding she strips naked. Her new husband doesn’t approve, but he knows that this is an agreement…[Read more]

    • Ditto but we are not together 24/7 so please myself when she’s not here

    • I agree doing house work when required is much easy nude, if your cleaning the shower and you get wet you doing mind. If your wearing clothes you have to go and change and it’s much more of a hassle

  • It’s a free feeling being bare at home, doing whatever normal household duties.

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