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    Jim - "Sun shining through the window nice and warm so striped off and enjoying some nude time."View
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    Vittorio Volpi - "@roto8 Hallo Roto, Welcome on Naktiv. It’s a good an friendly place for naked antivities and share our experiences. Your profile is still empty. I know you only for your nickname: it isn’t so much. I’m waitin to […]"View
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    Kieran - "Who is moderating Naktiv these days? I made a recent posting wish people a happy new year. The posting was removed from the site that same day! I am not mistaken about this, my posting had definitely gone live. […]"View
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    SPI Maker - "Happy holidays to all my friends at Naktiv! SPI"View
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    Marc - "@richinud please help! There may be some security issues that allowed spammers to enter."View
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    Roger Smith - "Out swimming again in my favourite costume again but I must remember not to take it off in case I get arrested for exposing my skeleton"View
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    Skyclad Robert - "The second “in the nudist colony” anthology is now published. Read about it on my post at NaturistFiction dot Org. https://naturistfiction.org/romance-the-power-of-love/"View
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    Augustus John - "@anitata I’ve just viewed your gallery Anitata and I thought the whole montage of photos of your sensuous body absolutely stunning! Thank you for posting them."View
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    三峡人家 - "精神可嘉 。 很不错!"View
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    Stewart - "@emily Thanks for being a friend, and hope you enjoy this site. Stewart."View
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    Ed Farthing - "@jimmya Sweet body – thanks for the friend request"View
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    Viktor Krause - "Before you could see who had visited your profile – where is that now?"View
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    Vee Kay - "@atir55, Thank you for joining my circle if naked nudist friends! Have a naked day if you can!"View
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