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    Bepa Ball - "**Never have #Naturists wanted a cool beer more.** A really cool advert from Stella Artois for their new unfiltered beer Continue to the source:"View
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    Tony Reukers - "World Naked Bike Ride soon in Amsterdam, 2 juli 2022 De eerstvolgende rit wordt op zaterdag 2 juli 2022 in Amsterdam verreden. Er zijn geen kosten aan verbonden, inschrijven is niet nodig. Deelnemers die met de […]"View
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    SPI Maker - "Happy holidays to all my friends at Naktiv! SPI"View
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    Skyclad Robert - "Here is a link to my ongoing blog site that focuses on Naturism-Nudism with a psychological twist. Feel free to wander the site, read the various posts, clicking like when appropriate, and adding comments. […]"View
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    Emma James - "That’s such a beautiful picture Vittorio"View
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    Allen Knudsen - "Hey, how come the “upgrade” has made it so much more difficult to access any features of the site?"View
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    Greg Fiorini - "Slowly recovering from my liver cancer surgery. Very slowly. At 71, closer to 72 I don’t have that much time to do nothing but recover. Impatient."View
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    Andrea & Roberto - "This path is an insider tip. Not for everyone – a “path for experienced”, no public trail. It leads along below the famous “Bastei”. By the way: Andrea is ahead 🙂 – Roberto goes last, because of photo. … and […]"View
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    Bob Knows - "Humans are the most beautiful species. All humans are more beautiful than the cat photos or dog photos that have become so common on censored social media. Love your pictures. We all can share ourselves with […]"View
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    John Kendrick - "Glorious day here in Sussex. Wife and I spent five hours naked gardening in our secluded but sunny front garden. Postman knocked on the locked front gate about midday – he had a package we needed to sign for! […]"View
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