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How you can Help Nudism

April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

I'm sure some of you know this, but a few months ago I had an idea to create a new facebook page for those of us interested in advancing nudists rights and in gaining places where we can be legally nude. So I created a page called 'How Can We Promote Nudism Faster in a Positive Manner?' at

In just a couple of months we have grown to over 1000 members and have some very knowledgeable people in our group including Bill Shroer, former AANR Executive Director, and numerous others who have had a lot to do with protecting nudist beaches etc.

Our goal for this group is to brainstorm ideas that can help us to accomplish several important goals for nudism, but in a faster method than is currently happening, and in a positive manner. We are aiming to gain acceptance in the textile community, to dispel myths about nudism, etc. I'll post the group description below:

I created this group to invite other nudists who wish to see nudism become more accepted and understood in mainstream society and feel that current efforts to do so are not accomplishing that fast enough. I also want to find more ways to reach and educate the general public that we need to end body shame and promote a healthy image of our bodies, instead of feeling ashamed if we don't have that 'perfect' model body type.

We need to find a way to change societies thinking here in the US that naked bodies are sinful, shameful, ugly and freaky. I too often here the phrase "that person should never be seen naked" or "I don't want to see a bunch of old naked people running around" and I would like to reduce this type of thinking by creating more positive body acceptance.

I know we have groups like AANR, NAC and TNS and they do a lot to promote this cause. But I often feel we could do more, on a grass roots level. I never see any mainstream advertising to promote this cause for example. I'm sure many of you have seen the Dove soap billboard promoting acceptance of larger women, as well as thinner ones? But I've never seen any for nudism. Maybe it's time.

I'm hoping we can put our heads together and come up with new ideas to accomplish this. It may require money, and maybe we do that through donations from other nudists, nudist resorts, maybe government grants, businesses, crowdfunding, and many other ways. That's what this group is for, to discuss this and many other ideas.

I hope you'll join me in this cause. NOTE: this group is to be just for discussing issues related to this cause, but NOT to promote nudism from within the group as everyone here is already a nudism supporter so it would be like preaching to the choir. It's also not to be used to promote any businesses, or other subjects not directly related to IDEAS about promoting nudism acceptance and understanding and HOW we can do this.

Feel free to join us and participate at:

I've worked naked on a number of jobs

March 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

The last 4-5 months have been almost surreal. I've been able to work naked in customers homes doing construction for about 4-5 months now, with their permission. This is on 4 different jobs, and 2 of them were fine with my being undressed anytime, even when they were there, while the other simply asked that I put on clothes when she came home from work. And I'm very respectful of others desire to not see me naked, and really appreciated my 7 hours a day working on her home clothes free.

Even after all these months, I'm actually somewhat amazed at how many have let me do this. I've always felt that the majority of society is against nudists in general. But lately I am meeting more and more people who are either not bothered by it, or who enjoy nudism themselves. I think it is partly how we approach the subject that can often determine the response we get from someone. For example, on my most recent job we showed up at a customer's home who had a large orchard and a house with total privacy. We commented on the privacy he had and he said something to the effect of "yeah, it's really nice to be able to walk around without clothes, and even go out on the porch without worrying about offending someone". I then let him know that I also enjoy doing things without clothes and even worked without clothes for the entire last two months on my previous job. He told me that as far as he's concerned, he wasn't concerned with what I do or don't wear. Later I made sure he was okay with me not wearing anything, and he said yeah not a problem. So I was able to work the next eight days with nothing on
Mr Patch Drywall, finishing drywall naked with customers permission
Guy Purcella, Finishing Drywall naked with permission
and he never gave me even the slightest funny look.

My previous customer was a woman and even though I'm a man, she told me she trusted me and had no problem with me not wearing clothes while I worked. She saw me many times on the job and never looked at me any differently than when I had clothes on. On that job I did a little bit of everything from tile work to drywall, paint, flooring, etc.

Guy Purcella, Mr Patch Drywall, sanding drywall nude with permission of customer
Sanding drywall naked
Maybe you're wondering why someone would want to do construction work without clothes on? the truth is that I would prefer to do most anything without clothes on unless it is absolutely necessary. Yes there are times when clothing is necessary, such as when doing dangerous work like welding, demolition work, (yes I wore clothes during the demolition portion of the job), etc. Clothing also serves the purpose of keeping us warm, and can sometimes simply be fun to wear and get all dressed up to go out for an evening or something. But the majority of the time it is simply more comfortable to not have binding, sweaty clothing on. Plus it drastically cuts down on laundry when all I have to do is rinse off and the days dusty work goes down the drain. I can tell you that each time I had to put clothing on I began sweating much more. So I was much cooler working without clothing, and definitely didn't have the binding red marks around my waist that I most always have when wearing jeans or shorts.
Guy Purcella, owner of Mr Patch Drywall working naked with customer permission
Much cooler working naked

Do I act any differently when I'm working without clothing? No, except I am a little bit happier when I'm not wearing clothes. I'm sure that a lot of people assume that a man working naked on the job would often walk around in an aroused state, or be playing with himself etc., but for someone like myself who is a true nudist, that is absolutely not the case. Anyone that works naked with the intention of anything sexual at all, is not really a nudist, but is instead an exhibitionist and/or a pervert. And it's sad that the general public often assumes that all stories of someone doing something perverted while undressed means all nudists act this way.

And now one of the customers who four months ago allowed me to work naked on her job while she was at work, is requesting a bid for more work, so I may soon have another job where I can work comfortably without clothing.

Hopefully this is a continuing trend. I have a very good rapport with my customers, and they realize that I am a professional and do superior work, and those customers know that my being undressed while I work is simply a comfort issue and a lifestyle choice and is nothing weird or perverted.

So to any of my previous customers, thank you very much for allowing me to be who I am, and to be comfortable on your job. I look forward to working with you again. For any new customers, if you are ok with this, please let me know, but I will not impose on you, nor pressure you if you are not. I'm sure my customers would be willing to give me a positive referral if you need reassurance that I act no differently undressed than dressed, or simply want to discuss the quality of our work.

And for any of you who work in a position such as mine, maybe you can find a way to bring it up with your customers, and get the opportunity to work in your creators uniform as well.

Good luck, and thank you all.

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