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    Vittorio Volpi - "@riccardoschillacigmail-com Benvenuto, Riccardo. Qualche notizia in più su di te? A presto, Vittorio"View
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    Kieran - "Who is moderating Naktiv these days? I made a recent posting wish people a happy new year. The posting was removed from the site that same day! I am not mistaken about this, my posting had definitely gone live. […]"View
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    Natfree - "interesting exchange of words between Lim and Barry. My wife received the first dose of the pfizer vaccine last week with no side effects. She is waiting for the second dose. For now, I’m watching what’s going on […]"View
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    Joe Mohdest - "It’s good to be back! I’d had computer problems, had more trouble fixing them, life got busy, but finally sorted through it all… had some fun naked adventures in the meantime, and looking back here, reminded me […]"View
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    Andrea & Roberto - "This path is an insider tip. Not for everyone – a “path for experienced”, no public trail. It leads along below the famous “Bastei”. By the way: Andrea is ahead 🙂 – Roberto goes last, because of photo. … and […]"View
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    john willans - "The photographs I have just posted are from a wild camping expedition that we finished yesterday. We walked from Abingdon to Marlow along the Thames path."View
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