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About me

I have been known to sit out on my porch on a star lit night and just admire nature, life is awesomeI was a General Contractor, I loved that occupation with a passion… but now… I am finally just me! A man at peace, feeling the love and writing love into my stories!I built houses for people to turn into homes and hopefully fill with amazing love. I still dabble in construction but not as much anymore. Now pretty much retired living out in the rural area of Mississippi.I say I'm an Author, I like to think so.It's an honorable title. I write about love and tuck it gently into the pages of a story. I love to write and feel the words as they dance within my thoughts. They intrigue me these words, always hanging on the edge with emotion and desires.I claim to be a cowboy … well… that's not really true. I don't punch cattle but I have a horse whom I love and spend much time with… We are constantly out riding and enjoying the beautiful countryside. We are a unique pair when together. Like best friends having fun. So I guess Horseman would describe me better in that aspect.I am a friend to all! I love people! I never really meet a stranger and I am a very outgoing person. Never ever never would I purposely hurt another.Me a Romantic?Yes, that is truly an understatement… I am a hopeless romantic and an idiot of my own making at times… but it is so much fun and keeps my soul dancing. I hate the idea of growing old and refuse to do it gracefully. I shall fight it to the bitter end and smile the whole way!The pages of my life are wonderful thoughts and words of love, I shall write now and continue to write, filling those pages every day .I have always heard that if you have the knowledge you should share it… and I feel the same about love… I try to share my love for life, for humanity, and for people like you through the stories I write.Hugs and Kisses ya'll… 😉

Who I'd like to meet

Normal people who want to be friends and aren't perverts, Kind hearted people who love life and nature.



Action, adventure, romantic, funny, sci fi, western, but not horror or gaudy.


easy relaxing classical when I'm writing, Country or early rock when driving, just about anything when I'm out and about except rap or foul mouth stuff…

Clubs, organizations or federations



Horses, writing romance stories, nature, people

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