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Not Welcomed Here

June 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Since my last blog was not well received (even though no one was named or no fingers were pointed at any specific person), and since I'm not allowed to voice my own opinion in a community that I thought would be welcoming and supportive, I'm leaving.

This was a sad outcome, of which I was hoping to receive neutral or positive support on, especially from the admins of this site, but I was placed in their "chill zone" and repremanded for free speech which I am sure is still a right that I have as a citizen of these United States. Apparently not everyone still upholds the constitution and respects others rights anymore.

Furthermore, the rude and uncalled for remarks I received from people who claimed to be my friends (or at least were "friends" on my profile) were not appreciative and prove to me once more that this site is not who they claim to be, and people just don't know how to act like adults on here.

That being said, I am removing myself from this website. This is not a place I want to be a part of, nor do I want to associate myself or my family with people who only think of themselves. I was hoping this would be different and people would consider their words and actions after my initial blog post, but I'm still seeing lewd photos being posted, distasteful comments on women's photos about their pubic regions and other genitalia features, and the overall rude and crude jokes that are still shared on the website wall.

I am extremely disappointed in this so-called community, and have a better chance back at TrueNudists.com where at least I'm free to say what I want without gripe or grief from the admins there, and the people I have befriended are real and respectful.

I hope the admin of this site takes into consideration of what I am writing, and they take another look at the content of their site with a serious approach. Many of what's been allowed to be posted here goes against the rules and TOS of the website. If the admins can't follow their own rules and TOS, then this website and its community is corrupt at best. Not something I want to be a part of.

For those who are not involved with this blog, I wish you the best.

To those who I talked to and have had meaningful conversations with, I am saddened to leave you behind, but I cannot be influenced by a community that has no respect for its members; I hope we meet in the future and remain friends as I enjoyed our conversations.

And to those who have said nasty comments to me, have personally attacked me, and have caused me more grief on here than I should ever put up with, you are a bully and your attitude is not appreciated. You need to take another look at yourself and consider how you have hurt me and perhaps will apologise to me should we cross paths on the street. It was not appreciated and I do not want anything to do with you nor speak to you again.

Good luck and may God have mercy on you in the future.

by R

Fakes Need Not Apply

May 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I joined TrueNudists.com several years ago in hopes to find friends to meet and hang out with, but it quickly turned into a sexual atmosphere and I quickly removed myself from it. Searching for a new community to join, I came across this site (Naktiv.net) and joined based solely on the recomendations I've read on the web. I was welcomed by many and thought I had finally found a place where I could meet others in person and enjoy the lifestyle together. … I couldn't be more wrong.

Granted the people on here are friendly, most everyone hides behind their computer screens and posts photos of themselves posing for the camera. I mean, who in real life follows you around the house, bathroom, garden, or openly "expressing yourself" on the couch/bed every day like a candid or exhibitionist? I don't have people follow me everywhere when I'm out in public! The photos I share online (ie: flickr, facebook, email, etc) are of friends, activities we do, or the locations we've visited; not random shots of us naked.

But here I thought that maybe this was an unfair judgement of the community, and so I gave it a few months more to prove itself… Not so. Now I read about a young man who was judged for his looks and was kicked off the website for this, females being commented rudely and sexually, people not sharing photos for fear that they too might be judged or commented on inappropriately, and no matter how many posts I write asking my "friends" to meet and hang out in person, not a single one has responded.

This website, other than the somewhat strict rules (which even the mods don't follow) and website viewing privacy, is just like any other, including TrueNudists.com.

I have been an avid outdoor nudist since I was introduced to it in 2006 by a close friend of mine. I choose not to be naked indoors because frankly I can't due to the living arangements I have, and would rather be around others than be by myself alone. I've attempted to meet others outside this website, and have even been successful with meeting people on Craigslist (of all places) which promotes more sex than anything. And ya know what? The people I've met on Craigslist were more welcoming and friendly towards me than any of the people I've "met" on here. That's sad.

I now understand why people have left this site, and I may follow suit very soon. It's not what I expected, and the content is certainly not something I'd want my children to see. The rape joke that was posted a while back was the pushing point, but the rude and uncalled-for comments on Holly's photos (as well as a few others) made the decision for me.

With that said, I'm quite done here. The site is nothing but a private page to post photos yourself in an exhibitionist fashion, and the events page is a joke. If I wanted the content I see here, I would have remained a member of TN or joined a sex group online.

If this is what nudism is really all about, then I have it all wrong and wish not to be a part of it anymore.

I have nothing more to say. Quite a shame really…

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