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I do not know if I would want to call it an unofficial nude beach as of yet, but over the years and especially this year alone, there has been a lot more traffic coming to this neck of the woods; which for now will be in a disclosed location. On average there are 5 – 15 people who come and bare all. However, I must say that this place is still far from being a naturist beach. The reason I say this is there are a mix of people coming here (all men & mostly gay) who like to get their jollies off. I have never seen a any women go to this spot ever. Others, ignore them and come there to sunbathe and skinny-dip in the river just because Oka’s Naturist Beach is either too far or costs money they do not have. I often wonder if one day would come and there is clean-up of the wankers & more people will come and turn this place into a second official nude beach.

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