Morning Coffee at the RV Campground.

It’s overcast here this morning in Lake Charles, but still 83F before sunrise, consequently, I’m sitting outside in the RV park and wearing as close to nothing as I can while I drink my coffee.

Out in California at the Yermo KOA they really didn’t care if you wore nothing, literally. They weren’t a nudist campground but they were the favorite 1st stop for European tourists who flew into LA and rented an RV, and European’s are far more casual about nudity than we are, so usually first thing they would do was some nude sunbathing! It was so prevalent that there was no stopping them. So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Actually it was my first day there and I was setting up my RV when I learned this. In June in Yermo it was breaking 100F easy. As I was working on my rig, again wearing some really flimsy shorts I usually only wore in the house, the KOA clerk came by to see how I was doing. The first thing she said to me was why was I even wearing shorts?! I thought she was kidding and I agreed with her. Then the two hippie type owners came up in their golf cart to also check on me. They also asked why I was wearing shorts. Bobbie No just grinned. They drove off and told me everyone else does it, go ahead if I wanted to. I’m pretty sure that was the last time I wore anything outside there for the next 7 years!

I guess this morning reminded me of that.

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