Goodnight Dad!

It may not be an accepted idea generally, but I do believe that my relatives that have passed away many years ago, are still around in spirit form. Not in any harmful or fearful way, but as a guiding & caring feeling, sense or presence. I know when my late mother or dad is in the same place as me. I know when either of my passed sisters have come into our place. My wife also senses when her deceased mother or father have visited us. My dad died in 1959 when I was only 8 years old, my mum died in 1996. I lost a sister in 1981 and another in 1995. The loss each time has of course been very devastating and without doubt an indelible imprint was left on my life. My dad was possibly the first deep sadness that I felt and really took some understanding. It wasn't just my young age or the sadness & uncontrollable tears that my sister & my mum shed at the time, or that I had to assume a 'man of the house' position as soon as I left school in 1966, that placed the loss deep in my soul. I somehow knew even then that I hadn't truly & totally lost my dad, what I have lost is the earthly connection with his physical presence. When Kathryn died in my arms from cervical cancer I cried, mainly because that evil disease had taken her very personality away first. Her death in some odd way was a blessing, her earthly body was left behind in its 'unclean' state.
Lorraine died in 1995 due to a tragic accident, I had to agree to her life support machine being disconnected, so that she could leave her (blood) flooded brain and tormented body behind. She broke my heart, her passing truly hurt me in a very deep way. We had grown through childhood together, about 18 months between our birthdays but closer than air together in each and every day we shared.
My mother never knew of Lorraine's passing when she died in 1996, or did she? Her depleted and weakened body had suffered for many years but finally gave in to the effects of a stroke. That lost look of emptiness in her eyes told us all she would soon be leaving too. But did she? Did my sisters leave me? Did my dad vanish from existence all those years ago? NO!
Each night (almost every one anyway) I say "Goodnight Dad" because I know he listens, his spirit does. My mother keeps a watchful presence & Lorraine blows a breeze across my naked skin many times a day. My mother-In-law Vera is around at times too, she was an incredible and definite marker in my world, she talks from the spirit times to us. We don't hear voices or see mists or shadows, but we know, I know, life isn't ended in death. It is an exchange, another move to a time & place we will all come to know. A place connected to now through love. My wife & I both understand that connection and feel it. So to all I love that have passed I say goodnight, when I say "Goodnight Dad!"

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