4 thoughts on “Sex and the Conservative Nudist”

  1. Psychology has fairly conclusively illuminated the fact that whenever you attempt to suppress an aspect of human nature it rares it's head in an ugly manner demanding to be expressed.

    Puritans and conservatives alike, publicly regard sex and desire with disdain, largely because they've been brainwashed to regard it this way. Internally they fight their very nature which inclines them to behave very aggressively toward any undermining of their values. "How dare you enjoy something I deny myself deeming it unseemly."

    In the social clime of sexual repression where sex and pleasure are regarded "sinful", yet irresistible and delightful, conflict is certain.

    In a highly sexual world trying to suppress it's nature, it's little wonder nudists are at such pains to be asexual; least they be considered perverted.

    Nakedness is no more or less sexual than being clothed. In case it's not obvious to all, the mind is the most sexual organ in the body. The difference between a highly erotic observation and the opposite is mental processing.
    Consider a woman in high heels. Clothed or naked she illicits different responses from different people. Many are indifferent either way. Some will consider the clothed observation more sexual, others the naked. A handful will find the heels highly erotic whether she's clothed or not.

    I think it's unhealthy and unnatural to suppress any aspect of our nature. Suppression and denial isn't the same as control. I'm certain it's suppression and denial that leads to catastrophic losses of control.

    What's really required across the board is intelligence and understanding. Until that occurs acceptance and respect for our true nature's are a long way off.

  2. Good observations. Humans are all sexual whether they admit it or not. You remind me of my wife who used to accompany me to CO resorts. One afternoon sitting naked at the pool she pointed out a young man who, she said, had the largest penis of any man at the resort. Clearly she had observed all the men and compared, judged, and appreciated the views. People are sexual and enjoy seeing other humans, even the ones who claim not to be such. Its all good. Carpe Diem!

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