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I just had an unusual conversation, it was with an elderly lady who is always known locally for her 'Victorian' attitudes & for her very polite & direct opinions on the very 'loose' morality of modern society. We had been chatting quite casually about how politics & politicians generally have become so prominent in our 'tv' evenings. The lady who I shall call "Mrs Vera" quite clearly has little time for untruthful & deceitful people and the prolific programming of such 'drivel' has really become overpowering, according to Mrs Vera. Without a blink of an eye or any change of vocal tone Mrs Vera asked me, "Do you stay naked Patrick for anyone who enters your home?" . . . I was momentarily stunned & speechless. I haven't avoided the topic of naturism with Mrs Vera in the past 3 years that I have known her but it has never really seemed relevant in previous conversations. She sensed my awkwardness, her eyes almost looked deep into me seeking a reply. I pulled my thoughts together and answered "I am often naked at home & most people who come into my home either expect that or quite soon become adjusted to nudity" I hoped she would appreciate my honesty with regard. I waited for her to say something but it became apparent that she wanted to hear more from me. So I told her "My parents gave me a life start in clothes free living, I am much more at ease and comfortable naked, I think that many more people will accept social nudity if they have experience of it."
Mrs Vera sipped her tea & then adjusted her spectacles before she spoke again, "My grand daughter came to your house to bring a grocery delivery, she was amazed to see that you were without clothes and you appeared unconcerned, she was more astounded that your wife was only partly dressed & a younger woman only wore an open dressing gown." Mrs Vera looked away for a few seconds and then said "TESCO employ female delivery staff Patrick, as you must know it can be a shock for them to see such open nudity, however, I have told my granddaughter that you are a very respectable family, even though you may have peculiar habits!"
Mrs Vera then got up to leave, she smiled gently to show that she wasn't too disturbed about our conversation, then she comically added, "I am much too old to deliver groceries, or to suddenly see so much skin!"
I am still adjusting my senses & thoughts, but at least I don't think my friendship with this lovely lady has been adversely affected by her granddaughters experience in my home!

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  1. I would like to get to know you, Patrick your family and your neighbours. Your description of the dialogue is brilliant too, you have quite a talent in writing. The moment after you answered her i was anxious to read her reply, but you brilliantly made us wait her take her last sip of tea… This is a real talent. This lady is unique also. best regards.

  2. At least she talks openly about nudity. Many people in my country will avoid the topic even when I always try to introduce it. They will be silent and talk about something else. When I make a comment on textile social media (e.g. on Facebook), people won't comment. But I find Facebook useful in reaching out to non-naturists. Recently I find that it's quite easy to post nude pics on Facebook. Just censor the genitals and it's OK. Nobody can complain. And you reach a much larger audience. In naturist websites, you are just preaching to the choir. But it's also good to post on naturist websites. One doesn't have to evangelise all the time. But on FB, it's pure evangelism. Recently, I noticed that a few people are getting interested in naturism. So I keep posting nude (but censored) photos and just yesterday, a morbidly anti-naturist friend just liked a naturist post of mine. She still stays away from the photos like the plague but at least she 'liked' a post on naturism. That is VERY unusual because I've always known her to be a prude. People do change. We just continue to look on nudity as what it is – something perfectly natural and decent and over time, people's perception will change.

  3. I would interpret "I am much too old… to suddenly see so much skin!" As her request that you not be naked in her company.

    Most people never see naked people. That needs to change. A little getting used to seeing other people would reduce or eliminate their concern.

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