My First Naturist Campsite holiday experience

Hello everyone, I thought I would share my first naturist camping experience with you. Kerry and I have been onto naturist beaches in Ibiza and Grand Canaria and loved it. No tan lines, ease of putting on lotion,No trying to get dressed/undressed under a towel without exposing anything and the people you meet are all well balanced, nice and friendly. Of course being human beings we did check others out and there were some beautiful slim people to see and some with a bit of extra weight to carry around but still looking great. They all seemed to look perfectly normal to us and found that the larger people looked far better without clothing than with clothing. So we were hooked.

In July 2011 we planned a tour of France on our motorbike and to follow three stages of the Tour de France. We set off and headed through Paris loaded up with luggage for two weeks. We managed to see the first stage of the race and then travelled across country to a village called Boussac. If you look at a map of France then stick a pin in the middle that is where we were. We stayed at Camping naturiste Creuse Nature. A naturist campsite owned by a couple from Holland. The site was beautiful with a swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, nature walks, restaurant and bar. The washing and shower facilities were fantastic and every evening the whole campsite sat down for dinner together.

Kerry and I stayed in our two man tent to the dismay of others. After four days I left the tent and drove down to Beynac-Cazenac about three hours away. This was a surprise for Kerry as I had booked into a chateau for the night for a bit of comfort. We stayed at Chateau De Monrecour. That night I proposed to Kerry on a Juliet balcony overlooking the Dordogne river.

The next day we went canoeing down the river and managed to get our clothes off for this four hour paddle. It was a beautiful area ful of castles and sunflowers. We then headed back to Creuse Nature for another week of bliss before getting back to the UK.

The stay at the Campsite sealed our thoughts on naturist activity. There were couples of all ages, parents with children, parents with their parents and grandchildren. All naked, all relaxed and playing games together. My only regret is that I didn't bring up my own children with this same open mindedness. It was wonderful to see and wonderful to experience. I have added a few photos .

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