My trip and stay at laguna

So I made my reservations to stay at the beginning of June, thinking that at the end of the month it will be summer and beautiful. Boy was I wrong…it was cloudy and grey, plus it rained. I was not deterred though as I was there to be clothes free and that is what I did. Luckily it was not cold staying at 70 or warmer…plus it was muggy which makes it feel warmer.

So after checking in and getting to my room, I disrobed and went out to see what I could find. I went and soaked in one of the hot tubs. I also went walking around to reacquaint myself with the grounds and see what had changed. I ate in the restaurant while sitting on my towel and wearing my sandals…most times. I worked out a bit in the gym, and played pool by myself. As evening set in on my first night I went and watched TV. I found this cool channel which showed older shows like 'the donna reed show', and 'family affair'. Went to sleep and when I awoke thought it was just a few hours later, instead it was like 5 am. the clouds threw me for a loop. I watched TV until I thought the restaurant was open but I was an hour early. So I went and soaked in the hot tub and try stretching out my muscles by doing fake tai chi in the water. I don't know tai chi but I know it is motions made slowly so I was doing that mainly.

I also read my book for a bit, and then went and ate. Later I took a longer walk around the grounds…more like a hike. I also played in the pool getting more stretching in and some exercise…which any growing boy needs…lol. I chatted with a couple of people as well, though most were hiding from the clouds I think. I later went out on a kayak, where I think with the sun starting to peek out I got my sunburn…shoulders, face and chest mainly. I also relaxed in a hammock in the shade, reading…and cat napping…hey I was tired. I tried to stay out of the sun once I felt the burns developing so they are only minor. slept better that night, but the next day I had to get ready to go…so sad but necessary. spent most of the morning just relaxing and packing while still nude. took my stuff to the car and finally relented and dressed. I checked out and headed home. such a fun trip, I might try to go again next month, hopefully the weather will be more cooperative and I will have a companion to hang out with. I had plans to meet with a couple of people but could not find them…

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