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I use to live in a small, crowded town. Four sq. miles in size with a population of 22,000. Our house was on a quarter of an acre. I was able to spend more time outdoors nude that I can today living in the north country of New Hampshire on an acre of land. I was just able to create a private space. It hadn't really dawned on me until today when I was making numerous trips between the house and garage because my saws are in the garage and I am working in the house, naked of course. Since neither of my neighbors were around I decided that I was just going to stay naked and make those trips back and forth in the nude. Sure did feel good but brought back memories. Have to start making place to make this place as naked friendly as possible. Maybe that only means educating the neighbors and seeing where that takes me.

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    • I know I'm taking a chance of letting them know that I'm nude behind the curtain, something they may have expected, but never confirmed, and if their reaction is negative it may jeopardize my opportunities to sunbathe. I'll broach the subject carefully.

  1. Having read all the responses, I've decided to approach my neighbors about my nude sunbathing in my backyard, which both the side neighbor and back neighbor can see if it wasn't for the canvas "curtains" I have strung across some clothesline. It is illegal to be nude in public in our county, even in your own backyard and even if it's completely obscured from someone's view. All the police need is one complaint and they can come into your backyard and arrest you even if the person who complained was standing on a ladder to see you nude. I know that's crazy, but we have a lot of crazy people living in our county who are afraid their eyes would burn if they saw a nude body. All the time I'm outside nude I'm not at ease because I'm worried one of my neighbors is going to call the police. Maybe if I mention to my neighbors that I sometimes sunbathe nude I can gauge their reaction and decide if it's worth me taking the chance. I'll keep you posted on their response.

  2. I\\'ve been very lucky with my neighbours. During the summer Stuart Pitsligo and Karla came to visit, and we were sitting naked at the garden table (Karla and I). My neighbour Erika, came over and chatted for a few minutes about feeding the cat, (as I was going to be away for a week – naked hiking of course). Very relaxed, very ok, no issues.

  3. Another time I was in a hot tub store getting supplies ( another thing we gave up when we moved) and there was a couple there purchasing a new hot tub. Being one who sometimes speaks when he shouldn't I mentioned that it is a good idea to NOT let people wear bathing suits in the hot tub as the suits usually contain too much undisolved soap and this wasn't good for the water, chemical balance and pump. Received the funny look and I left.

  4. a neighbor couple of ours were over having dinner with us a few years ago and the subject turned to nudists, I don't know why. The husband started going on about this "nudist colony" near a racetrack and making the usual jokes. That is until we told him that we use to have a trailer site in this place and we like to refer to them as nudist parks. Still talking with them, even brought them with us to a nude beach in Vermont but they didn't get naked. She believes she has too many body issues but maybe someday she says, him, the usual, what if I get an erection.

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