Naked European Walking Tour 2011 – Saturday

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The Saturday was another day without rain, although the clouds had begun to thicken and lower, which was good for the drive home. Some were driving all the way back to Paris, others were flying to England, and still others were heading for the naturist resort of La Sabliere in the south of France. Envious heads turned at every corner, however, we had had a good week and were not complaining (yet). I drove back home naked from the petrol station, and later heard (unsurprisingly) that Jerome did the same, although he extended his naked driving trip by he and Jos driving naked all the way from Munich to Brussels too. Jean-Pierre and Kathrine, Paul and Jim, Jerome and Jos (the photographic shop owner from Belgium), joined me in Munich for a quick sojourn at my place, (to drop off the dog), before heading for the Therme Erding, a huge sauna and bathing complex, almost certainly the biggest in Europe, with the largest no-clothes area any of us had seen in any commercial operation to date. It was a great way to finish off our naked hiking week, we started at 1400, first one sauna, then a shower, then a swim, then a different sauna, coffee, a swim, a music pool, another sauna this time with an aromatic and extremely hot "aufguss" session from the young and pretty staff, (one from yorkshire), another shower, and a meal at the restaurant, a swim, then another sauna, a paddle around the lake, another swim, cocktails in the pool, a different sauna, swim, sauna, etc., never going to the same sauna twice. Until midnight, when we did a last walk around the lake in the rain after the thunderstorm and then reluctantly packed up and headed home, and back to reality. What a fantastic week!

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