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I’m not sure how long this nudist radio station has been on the air for, but they play music from the 60s to the present. With a passion for radio, the owner who is also a nudist from Central Florida followed his long-life dream to host his very own radio show/station.

Perhaps the first radio station of it’s kind I have seen, by nudists for not only nudists but for all to enjoy. The owner also likes the fact that he can work free from the clutches of wearing textiles on! who wouldn’t, if I could work clothes free, i’d be a much happier person and probably love my job better too!

A good point was left in the About Us where it was mentioned, “This will be the story of a group of incredible people who want to show the world how entertaining radio can be! Together, our past, current, and future hosts will create a truly exciting destination for radio listeners who want real music and talk without the confines of government regulation.” The CRTC for example has it’s limitations when it comes to nudity and talk about such topics and can be hard to host a radio station like this and would not allow the airing of such stations. I’m glad they went and followed their dream and went ahead to provide us with a radio station we Naturists/Nudists can relate to and enjoy! Dont forget to visit their website to request a song!

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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