Naturism in Thailand

Before you dismiss Thailand due to the sordid reputation that has gained prominence, perhaps you could stop to consider that there is a whole country outside the "sex for sale" districts of Bangkok and Pattaya. As for media hype about civil disorder in Thailand, forget it, they were protests outside government offices in Bangkok not too different to back home, and you'd have to look for the location to witness anything, meanwhile life goes on in the rest of Bangkok unhindered. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people, and as someone pointed out, they've always got a smile for you!

I recently visited Chiang Mai, Thailand's second city, as part of my backpacking tour of South east Asia, where I stayed in a YHA hostel, as I'm travelling on a pretty tight budget. I knew there was a naturist resort down south near the coastal town of Pattaya, but was put off by the size and location; too small to properly enjoy naturism, and slap bang in the middle of the overdeveloped and commercialised holiday hotspot, What I hadn't realised is that there were other opportunities, and one right there near Chiang Mai.

Having checked out the prices I decided it was within my budget and I fancied unwinding for a while, so what the hell, I booked in. The Oriental Village resort is small enough for you to feel as though you're more than just another guest, but big enough to provide a comfortable level of service. I stayed in a cottage (There are 14 of them.) that had everything you could need, double bed, TV, mini bar, an excellent walk in shower, and my favourite bit, and outdoor shower, with screening for privacy.

There is free WiFi at the restaurant/bar and in everyone one of the cottages, so you can boast about the fun you're having on Facebook, just to make friends and family jealous. The resort is relaxing and peaceful, but for the more adventurous are trips and tours, elephant experience, jungle canopy walks and zip lines, night-life in Chiang Mai, or browsing one, or all, of the many markets and street stall; do try the Sunday market at Tha Pae Gate near the old city that pre dates Bangkok has the capital of Thailand.

For that extra experience I can thoroughly recommend taking the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, then return by air for a connecting flight back home.

Other naturist experiences I learned of were jungle trekking and camping, which I'm keen to try sometime, more details in the Naturists Association of Thailand link below.

There's a good blog here:
And Oriental Village website here:
Also the Naturist Assoc of Thailand:

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