Nudity isn't everything…

Trying to get a feel for this site. The first time I read the mission statement. I thought what a great idea. A place where the human body isn't all sexual. After being on the site a while I found that nudity (although non-sexual) is mostly everything on this site. I am not sure if the things that come through the main news feed is being filtered that way or what. I read through the mission statement again and it does lend itself to making nudity the main focus. But at the bottom it does say you can talk about anything. What am I getting at? I love to be naked as much as the next person but I don't think nudity has to be the main focus all the time. By only talking about nudist/naturist activities, it's not doing anything to help bring normalcy to the naked body. So lets discuss other things too!

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  1. For what it's worth, I think in the majority of cases, people seek out this kind of forum for information and nude related discussion.
    the Naktiv site in its earlier incarnation was an awesome resource for me personally. There's a strong community that has formed and it serves an important function.

  2. I spend time on other websites such as "g+" (Google's personal profile driven site) writing about all manner of things from science fiction to science fact, from aviation to government, and even some entertainment topics. While I understand Johnny's point, I would also like to ask whether or not this site (Nactiv) is a vertical market or not? – –

    I mean when someone comes here are they going to expect to see all the other things being discussed, or are they curious about nudist things on a nudist venue including nudist opinions?

    I mean I can tell you how I do not think Miley Cyrus is doing anything wrong in her public stunts and concert performances, but is that going to upset parents here, who also happen to be nudist, because it is a less conservative opinion about things young adults are being exposed to in the mainstream media?

    Human sexuality is a tricky subject to include in anything, but we can and probably should talk about that. Politics also! If this is the case then we need to consider up-front that some of the opinions are going to be "Divergent" (no pun or book/movie reference intended), and form some sort of promise NOT to get overly excited by the opinions people are likely to share. Just a thought.

    • I cant speak for everybody else but I'm open to all sorts of discussion. Politics as you point out is always a tricky subject especially as people coming from outside a particular region i.e. Europe, The Americas, or Australasia tend not to know what is going on in other regions. Religion can be quite emotive, and sport can be limiting for people again from the various regions. For instance most people in Europe wont have a clue about American football as most Americans may not appreciate rugby. That said we are not just defined by our fondness for shedding clothing but by a variety of other activities and opinions that we have formed during our time on the planet. If you want to talk about something then I say go for it. We may not always like what eachother have to say, but we do all have the right to say what we think 🙂

  3. So much to talk about, and if you look it does happen… but I agree it could happen more. For instance… Richard F, Stuart and Karla and a few others could definitely be the best equipped to advise newbies who are interested in hiking / hillwalking what footwear is best and what outer layers are good when it comes time to cover up. Anita Ta from what I can see could write a travel guide on all there is to see in and around the Black Sea. Painting and other arts also feature on the site and there are plenty here with photographic experience who probably are more then happy to share. The main feed is probably a misrepresentation of people here in that for the most part nudity will feature because thats what everyone has in common. Throw something out there… you might be surprised by who engages you 🙂

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