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If you are new to Naturism/nudism, there are some things you should know about naturist etiquette. Just like in the textile world, there are some rules you need to follow before deciding to go about your day/evening in a Naturist environment.

Towels: Towels are a MUST to have. There are various sizes and types of towels you can use to sit on for hygienic reasons. If you have not read my blog about the towels, you can read it here. Where ever you go, if you are gonna sit anywhere you should sit on your towel. Especially if you are going to go to someone’s house or visiting the Naturist campgrounds & resorts. You will be required to sit on your towel regardless if you just had a fresh shower.

Shower: If you are going in to a hot tub or Jacuzzi, etc — do shower yourself down before stepping in one. This helps to make sure you are clean of anything that can make the water dirty from for example… earth(dirt), grass, oils, sunscreen, lotion, deodorants, sweat etc. Their not asking you to shower down because you yourself are dirty… but it helps keep the water much cleaner longer.

Cameras: I think the majority of all nude recreation activities will not allow you to bring or use a camera because it’s not polite to just go around snapping photos. Many people do not want to be in your photo album. If you are going to take a photo it’s best you make sure that everyone that is in the shot, you have their permission, or you might just see yourself kicked out of where ever you are & this could also hinder your standing with the club, resort or federation outings in the future.

Eye Contact: “Hey my eyes are up here!” It is very rude to stare and moreover, if you are gonna have a conversation with someone make sure you are talking to them with proper eye contact. If your going to an event or beach for a thrill… you might as well buy a magazine and do us all a favor and stay home. Also, it’s very rude to be talking about other peoples bodies. Avoid it and talk about something safer like food, weather, etc.

Clothes: Yes, we’re nudists but not stupid. At Naturist resorts, campgrounds sometimes clothes are allowed when its cold out or if the weather isn’t in our favor. however, lingerie is not considered appropriate attire under any of these circumstances nor is walking around in your underwear.

Get a room: Any sexual activity in a public setting is not only offensive .. it’s illegal. Nobody wants to see that. However, holding hands, a hug or simple kissing is fine. If you want to show extra affection with someone you love, I suggest you get a room or wait till your back home to do so.

Erections: Yes, they can happen. especially if you are new to nudism. The best way to deal with this is to either turn over on your towel or if you are at a beach, you can stay in the water until your situation comes more under control. However if you see someone with an obvious erection and is purposely drawing attention. let a lifeguard or authorities know about this and in most cases, will be kicked out and banned from coming back again.

Nude Beach Facilities: When you are at a nude beach, just because you are allowed to be naked does not mean that the facilities are accessible in the nude. so keep your clothes close or wrap yourself with your towel.

Body Language: It does not take verbal language to be able to know what you are not saying. Body language can sometimes speak louder than words. You don’t want to be sitting like the barn doors are wide open. Sit properly and keep your legs together. We all know you have one. Nobody wants to see your legs spread open wide.

Fine Dining: The following was not written by me and is from the website “BON APPÉTIT” on fine dining.

9 Rules for Naked Dining: The Etiquette of Nude Resorts

Once upon a time, etiquette was important: One needed to know which fork to use, which glass to sip from. Those days, my friends, are over. Now, questions of etiquette mainly revolve around how many Instagrams each guest is allowed to take during dinner.

But there remains one corner of the world where table etiquette remains a vexing and important issue: at nude resorts. And it’s a problem for a growing number of people.

“We’re seeing a rise in ‘nakations,’ especially among people in their thirties,’” says Sue Nerud, spokesperson for the American Association for Nude Recreation. Exact statistics are hard to come by, however, since many nudists prefer to remain anonymous. (In fact, several nudists in this article spoke only on the condition their names not be used.) And while Nerud said recent studies show that nakations are great stress relievers, there remain those pesky etiquette issues—which we are about to solve for you!

1. Towel On: “Naked butts at the table are a big no-no,” says travel writer and photographer David Lansing, who likes to take off his press hat (and everything else) at nudist resorts around the world. For reasons of basic health and safety, everyone brings a towel to sit on. More proof that, as fans of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy know all too well, a towel is “the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker”—or hungry nudist—”can have.”

2. Just Because We’re All Naked Doesn’t Mean We’re All Friends: “You should wait to be invited to a table,” says Lansing. “This isn’t like going on a cruise; even though there may be eight or 10 people at a large table, they usually all know each other, and there will be a very uncomfortable pause in the conversation if you just sit down at a table uninvited. That said, nudists are some of the friendliest people I’ve met and invariably you’ll be asked to join one group or another for lunch or dinner. But do wait to be asked.”

3. Listen to Your Mother—Use a Napkin! “As a matter of etiquette,” says advice columnist April Masini, “covering your private parts with a napkin while at a nudist event is good manners the same way not chewing with your mouth open is. We all know it’s there; we all know what’s happening; we don’t need to see everything at dinner. Just because you take your clothes off doesn’t mean you should strip yourself of manners.”

4. Some Don’t Like It Hot: “Most nudists resorts will hold traditional barbecues, and first-timers need to be careful around the ‘weenie roast,’” says Tom Mulhall, who owns the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, California, and writes about nudism for the Huffington Post. Nor is the grill the only danger—the dinner table, too, can be hazardous. “Don’t allow your waiter to serve you a bowl of hot soup. He can spill into your lap,” notes photography instructor Eugene Louie, who visits clothing-optional resorts for self-reflection.

4. Listen to Your Mother, Part 2: “Sit up straight,” says Masini. “Good posture at the dinner table is always a way to show good breeding and good manners, but when you’re nude, slouching and elbows akimbo are not only more noticeable—they create a silhouette that is less attractive than if you have clothes on. Sit up straight!”

5. No One Will Pardon Your Reach: “Don’t reach—even if you think it’s not a reach,” says Masini. “Nude or naturist dining requires a greater margin of coordination and control. Without a bra, and with a well-endowed chest, reaching—even a little—may result in your breasts in the marinara sauce.”

6. There Is Such a Thing as Too Casual. “Casual dining doesn’t mean you can put your ankle across your knee, or your feet up on the coffee table—even if it’s an outdoor barbecue with paper plates,” says Masini. “Reconsider the view others will have while eating.” Of course, if you keep a napkin in your lap, this won’t be an issue.

7. Eyes Up Here, Buddy! “I’d say the most important table etiquette for nudists is no staring,” says Lansing. “It’s not unusual for nudists to just wrap a gauzy sarong around them as they go straight from the pool (or beach) to the table, so you want to try really hard to maintain eye contact.” Instead of discussing people’s bodies, it’s safer to talk about the food.

8. Food Porn, OK. Real Porn, No Way! Go ahead and Instagram your dinner if the resort allows it, says Nerud, but don’t shoot other guests unless they sign a photo release form.

9. Chill Out: If you’re nervous about dining in the buff, don’t be. The resort owners I spoke to all said concerns about being naked usually go away after 15 minutes. Nude dining seems naturally relaxing: You don’t have to think about what to wear (or dry-cleaning bills), and you never have to loosen your belt if you overeat. Although, actually, I can’t think of a better motivation to lose weight than the fact that everyone can see your gut (and everything else).

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