Need a big private back yard

Where I live is so controlled and strict. I loved it when me and my sister were housesitting for some friends. Their back yard was big with a nice spa.  Every day, we were in that spa, just relaxing. Feeling the water against my skin.  My little sister would take her clothes off when we got home to just run and play in the yard. I love that sweet innocence.

So, why aren’t there more women here, all I see are guys.  It would be nice to chat with other women once in awhile who get this need to breathe.


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  1. I am hoping to get my wife Rosemarie to add some words of her own, she is reluctant because of a very bad experience a few years ago. She joined an internet naturist site, in her own status. Though she made some nice contacts with 2 family groups & several couples, there were quite a few males making sexist comments & some quite disgusting ones! One man realised that he lived less than 10 miles from us & he made quite perverted & obscene remarks about ‘threesomes’ etc.
    My wife may add something… but I can’t say when. Our niece Lisa threatens to join & really go full stride into active messaging, but until they get moved into their new house & her son into another senior school it will have to wait.

  2. I don‘t know, maybe there are more women involved as we think! My wife and me could be a perfect example! She did not open her propper profile because for us it is not necessary to have two profiles! She‘s exploring naturism since we married 6 years ago! Living in Latin America did not really give her the oppurtunity to find out how great nudity can be! Today, we regularly spend our time in Saunas and on naturists-camps! So, for any questions … feel free, to cantact her via our profile!

      • Nothing stops hosting in an apartment. Joe and Brian started Airbnb in 2007 by renting an air bed on the floor of their living room. They did not own the place and started because having difficulties to pay the rent.

        Their motivation was to have enough side income to keep their nice apartment. We started as Airbnb host for 2 reasons:
        – to meet new people, especially experienced travellers
        – make some extra to afford to keep our beautiful (but way too large unit for two of us) condo unit with stunning views

        Both 2 objectives are met – and beyond! Experience has been much better what we expected. Only downside is that we need to wear clothes when guests are staying with us. Trying nudist listing at Airbnb was not successful – hence we started

  3. There’s no getting around the fact that if women want to see more women posting blogs on the site, then the existing women on the site need to both do so and to encourage others to do so. We’d all appreciate more female context here, but this is the same problem we have in naked hiking groups. For instance: there are simply more men prepared to go naked hiking. Even though we have multiple women on our naked hikes already, the imbalance is clear and there is always room for more. You can only change this imbalance through personal activity. Please do!


    • It has been a long time coming but we are finally building a large patio on the side of our house that will have a low (5′) fence that we can see over but others cannot see us (their houses are situated below ours) where we will be able to be outside and naked at any time day or night. I will post pix when it is complete.

  4. There are several women here who are active, though their numbers are dwarfed by the number of men. Go to the members section and look for Crystal Smith, Cornelia Mueller, Anita Ta, Emma, Ulla Eriksson and send them a private message. These are just a few of the women who are active on the site. There are also a number of women who are the better half of couples active here as well. In any event, you will find many naked friends here, both male and female.

    • Some of the ladies such as Ulla and Cher have not come back yet. Ulla apparently has trouble getting into the new site and Cher does not have a working computer. There are several women here that I’m friendly with what’s the best suggestion I can make is to go through the women on the site and see when they were last here. It shows on their profile. If they haven’t been here in quite some time I would move on and find someone else who is currently active! Hope this helps!


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