Newt 2013 Saturday 20 July

Saturday July 20

The breakfast was barely over, and we were packed and people began to leave sporadically, one car after the other. We had a couple of volunteers to take the train-dwellers to the train station, so that saved me a heap of driving up and down early on and I was very grateful for that, so I could concentrate on ensuring the place was left spick and span. Everyone had done a great job of tidying up, and I was about to set off driving back to Munich naked when the cleaning ladies turned up. They seemed happy enough with the tidied state of the farmhouse and presumably see all sorts of people rent the farmhouse over the years. The phrase “nothing new under the sun” comes to mind.

In many ways it was sad to come to the end of our tour, but life goes on and I had work to get back to. Stuart was my navigator on the route back, and we made better time on the return drive as we were going against the flow of holiday traffic this time. It had been a week of pleasant weather, good routes and fine company, Newt 2013 had been a naked hiking tour par excellence.

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