Naked Events 'Are Harming Clacton's Family Seaside Image'

A bit of background. Clacton is a seaside town on the Essex coast in the UK, north-east of London. It has a reputation, rightly in my view, for being of another time and reactionary to some degree. It has recently seen both a WNBR and a skinny-dip raising funds for charity.–harming-clactons-family-seaside-image-councillor-peter-halliday_n_3669997.html?utm_hp_ref=uk#slide=2750938

The councilor's reactions to these events seems to be from the nudity has no place in society school and he is obviously looking for votes amongst the unenlightened elements of the towns population. The comments highlight the confusion on our right to be nude in public, but overall appear to have a majority in support of our right to do so.

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  1. This is similar to the fight for the right to be naked in San Francisco. The puritans will react against these newly discovered freedoms, and the people must push back against them twice as hard.

    Freedoms are not given, they are taken, and they will be taken from all of us if we do not maintain the struggle to take them for ourselves. The WNBR is a perfect medium as it motivates hundreds and thousands of naked and semi-naked people people around the globe. Even the puritans will have a hard time standing against such a tide.

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