Note. . Home Alone!

I often fall asleep in the mid afternoon, maybe just for 10 minutes or so, usually sat naked in my armchair and alone with the tv for 'background' companionship. Yesterday my nieces young son came to visit quite unexpectedly, he must have been surprised to find no-one else at home apart from me. He always has a large glassful of fruit juice when he visits and sometimes he'll have a quick plunge into our hot tub. I knew he had been when I woke up later, he had left his empty glass on the kitchen worktop and a message written neatly on a 'stick-it' notelet which he had attached to my stomach. It read "No one here but me & sleeping hulk!. . I'll be back tomorrow, maybe!"
My wife later thought it was hilarious to think that luckily it was just the boy who had come in through our open patio doors to find my snoozing self, our neighbour was supposed to be bringing us some tomatoes, luckily for her she forgot!
Though something tells me she would not have left either the tomatoes. . . or a note on my belly!

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    • I know it's okay to be naked, I never have thought different. As for anyone coming into and finding me asleep naked I have no problem with that either. My concern was about one particular neighbour who has made it quite clear on previous visits that she objects to nudity. Although she is a charming & friendly person she seems to think we should cover up 'just in case' she pops over. She had said she would bring some tomatoes, which she failed to do (maybe?) but she would have left quickly with tomatoes in hand if she had brought them.
      We stay (or get) naked in our home whenever we choose to do so. In my case that is approximately 99% of each living hour!

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