Nudity and Sensuality

Is there a stigma with being nudist and enjoying the sensuality of it?

As nudists we all agree that being nude feels natural and it’s just down right comfortable. What about the enjoyment received by the feelings of sensuality? I know 95% of the time when I get naked it is simply because I cannot stand being in clothes any more and I just need to unwind and relax. By Hollywood’s standards I do not fit the mold of perfection…far from it. But this does not mean that there are times when I feel damn good about my self and (dare I say it) I feel sexy. Okay that last part was after I watched 300 Rise of an Empire while working out and felt more like a Spartan.

Yet still, I know the artist in me finds great beauty and sexuality with the human form. I enjoy being naked, I enjoy seeing other people enjoying themselves being naked. I do not find myself driven with lust, but I do find a certain sense of sensual enjoyment by being surrounded by the nude form. Sensual as in, each of my senses are experiencing some form of enjoyment from the experience. My eyes enjoy the beauty of the human form. My ears enjoy hearing nude people enjoying themselves. My sense of touch is aroused by the breeze of the wind, the warmth of the son, and yes the embrace of nude friend or lover. My sense of taste is heightened because my other senses are experiencing blissful enjoyment. So wine tastes sweeter, foods taste richer.

Being nude removes the barriers of class and social status. It presents to the world who I am in all my imperfect glory. A blond male, who is slightly overweight and loves to laugh and smile. I am not suggesting that when I get nude I am over whelmed with a state of mind filled with sex, and lust filled deviant thoughts. But I will not deny there is a sense of sensuality that comes with being nude alone and socially that I find divine.

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  1. That wasn't my opinion.I wish I could remember the references that were pointed out to the class when this was taught. I just remember the above.I agree with the "inability" to save ourselves but the "wretchedness" is where we part but I have no defense. Faith may be discussed but is not an arguable topic. Believers "get it" and non-believers can always find an argument.

    I simply love the sensual feeling of nudity especially with like minded people.

    • True. Faith is carefully crafted that it's not falsifiable. If a religion says if you can show X + Y = Z, then it is wrong, that religion would not last 2 hours. My religion for example says that if you pray, God may or may not answer your prayer. If you do something good or bad, you will be rewarded or punished AFTER your death. So, whatever happens, nothing can falsify the religion.

      For me personally, because religion is so obviously unfalsifiable and that's no testimony that it's true, religion MUST never be used to order our views of morality and ethics. Naturism is obviously wholesome so I would reject any religion that says you mustn't be nude when in the company of others. If the church opposes nudism, it means nothing to me.

    • Oh, do they? I thought they disappeared after the 1st century or so. Pauline Christianity ruled the Roman Empire shortly after that. I've never seen an Ebionite church. EVERY church, whatever the denomination is basically Pauline.

  2. isnt it funny how a religion that demands submission condems a life style that activly practises that very concept? Just for the record the Church of Rome was not the first The first "Christian Church" . I was the first to bear the name. The first church founded by the great rabbi was the church of Jerusalem. carried on by Jesus' Brother James and The Magdalene.

    • I agree. St Paul was really an interloper. The Church of St James and St Peter in Jerusalem was the Ebionite Church that fizzled out and St Paul's new creation of Christianity succeeded. It was literally a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. LOL.

  3. …and I think we lost track of this blog post. Sensuality and nudity…may I say that I very much enjoy being nude and feel sensual when I am, even though many others may disagree. I also admit that I like the nude figure, mine and others, male or female.
    I don't view myself as a bad, evil, perverted sinner either.
    And now I'm done…and naked.

  4. "the whole of Christianity is based on the idea of how wretched we are and how great God is."
    Wow you just delineated a major separation point in Christianity between Protestantism and Catholicism. The Catholic church teaches that mankind is Good as created by God though we have sinned. The basic credo of the church has Not changed in 2000 years folks. That is who we are. How baptism etc is practiced changes with the times. We have 7 sacraments now. In the past it varied from 1 or 2 to over 100!!
    The original Christian church, if I may be so bold, believes we are good. It believes pleasure as created by God is Good.

    One can simplify the 10 commandants to 2. God in the Trinity is to be loved and obeyed as God seeks our happiness. Greed, manifested as gluttony, overindulgence, lust) in any form is wrong which follows from love your neighbor as thyself.
    Life is to be cherished, enjoyed and lived to the fullest.
    Anybody who teaches a different storyline as perhaps the Irish nuns who educated many of us from the East coast were the victims of heresy the church condemned 1500 years ago.
    Give unto Caesar what is Caesar' give unto God what is God's.

    " many of the people in my church and all the churches I've been to tend to be on the lookout for "sin". They are judgmental by nature."
    is a great example of "wrong thinking". They are backwards.

    "allowed mere men that wear "religious" garb tell us what is right and what is sinful." I would agree and disagree depending on their training. My brother went through 6 years of college level training before ordination. Other "mere men" are called auto technicians, surgeons, professor.
    Then some mail away for a certificate.

    • That is not the correct assessment. You say RCs believe mankind is good as created by God though we have sinned. That's PRECISELY what ALL Christians (RC, Protestant and Orthodox) believe in. The doctrine of redemption (again believed by ALL) presupposes our wretchedness and inability to "save" ourselves. There is a tendency for people to try to see differences but I see commonality here. The basic doctrines are the same; there are minor differences of course. As an Anglican from my altar boy days onwards, I'm more able to straddle beautifully over the different church traditions and can see fewer differences between Christians. But of course now I know religion is a cultural construct and there's always a historical reason for differences.

    • Six years of college level training in doctrine, counseling, public speaking, etc. Still just a mere mortal with out a right to judge or dictate sin. If seminaries were to teach how to reach enlightenment, how to realize your own "god" nature, how to be at one and at peace, I would give them more credit and respect.

  5. Reading through these comments afresh, it's interesting how much weight people give assumptions. IE: The conservative assume the worse which in turn reveals where their mind truly is. In the gutter thinking all people are as deprived and obsessed as they themselves are. Think carefully about that.

    Has it ever occurred to anyone else how contrary to nature and natural behavior religion is? If evil truly existed how better to circumvent creation than turning it on its head. Nakedness is shameful, joy, pleasure and enjoyment are self indulgent. Self sacrifice, indeed, life sacrifice is the way to salvation.
    We only have the word of individuals claiming to have had divine insight to go by. Yet what of our own divinity that requires no words to express itself. Mere natural instinct to guide us.

    • Why have we allowed mere men that wear "religious" garb tell us what is right and what is sinful. Isn't that just their opinion? Religious texts have been edited over the centuries so much just to fulfill the needs and lust for power over the common man. Since they had all of the power and the wealth, the poor believed they must be right.
      Obviously I haven't had any good experiences in churches because I don't except a man, no better than me, telling me I am a sinner. He is a human just as I am and has no right to judge me.

      • I've been told I was a sinner ever since I was a toddler and an altar boy but it's not as bad as it sounds. It's not like I was singled out to be the only sinner. The whole of humanity is sinful, so I was told and that includes the priests themselves. But when the priest puts on his stole, he becomes Christ's representative, or so they say. Of course I now know that's just to ensure submission by parishioners.

        But the whole of Christianity is based on the idea of how wretched we are and how great God is. A lot of pious people get their kicks from bemoaning the total depravity of mankind. A few religious people weep on Good Friday because they believe it's their sins that have caused Christ to suffer on the cross. I know an old woman who always cries on Good Friday but I think it's a good psychological exercise. I remember reading somewhere that this ritual may act as a catharsis whatever that really means. She probably feels better after a good cry and what better reason is there to cry than something that supposedly happened 2000 years ago. At least you aren't crying about something that's happening to you now.

        I really think there is a lot of good in religious exercise. I remember reading in huffington post or one of these tabloid kind of internet papers that religious people live longer. I want that and I don't mind the fables that go with it. 🙂

  6. If God is anti sensuality why is the entire world so sensual?
    Those people are so caught up with sex as sin because they can't see the good from the bad, the fact that we were made sensually. Touch, smell, flavor, sound, color—we were made to enjoy it and share it abundantly according to Jesus. God is good and so is his creation.

  7. You are probably right. But I dont play fair. I have read all the canonical writings as well as all the non-canonical writings, and am Married to a Lady that has to my personal knowledge read the bible cover to cover 34 times working on 35. 😀

  8. Ernest: perhaps pointing out to them that everyone from adam to abrahim to david and solomon had multiple partners. Hell David had a man killed so he could lay with his wife. As long as your Wife had no objection to your relations with another woman i see no issue. However hiding it is another can of worms.

    The question we always ask is If all parties are aware of the activities is it an affair?

    To phrase your comment RE they look for sin or things to complain about I would answer they would complain if they were hung with a new rope as the saying goes. I am always reminded of a Ray Stevens song when I think of those type people. Mississippi Squirell Revival.

    Also I am reminded that Jehovahs greatest anger was not that they ate of the apple, nor was it that they were aware of their nakedness. It was that they were ashamed of their naked bodies and by extention his creation.

    • But the fact is I do not indulge in any extra-marital affair when I got to a nudist resort. An old woman who never married told me that if she were my wife, she'd divorce me. I was so tempted to tell her that if she were my wife, I'd divorce her and check myself into a mental hospital for marrying her in the first place. I don't think any amount of reasoning will work. If you show them one of the biblical fables, they'll show you another. There'll be no end to it.

  9. Though the topic seems covered I'll throw-in a perspective, as a relative new-comer to this site. I've always felt that there is nothing in particular "wrong" with enjoying the very natural sensuality of casual nudity, as experienced with other people, especially outdoors. Everyone enjoys feeling "sexy," and I can't think of a good reason why that feeling, in and of itself, can't be a perfectly healthy and wholesome part of nude recreation.

    It's not sexuality that's the problem, it's behavior. Feeling free to enjoy the delightful, exhilarating sensuality of being totally naked is not equivalent to inviting invasive or lewd behavior, or disrespecting people's boundaries. Nor does it mean placing an obsessive focus on sex. In an almost ironic sense, the reason that I think the sensual aspect of nudism is so healthy and fun is because that obsessive focus on sex is removed. It's just there, naturally, and you can feel free to relish it without the baggage of feeling like there is necessarily anything more to it.

    But, as to that, in response to Ernest, why on Earth would it be so particularly wrong if you happened to engage in sexual activity while away on a nudist excursion? I mean, are nudists not allowed to have sex? Do you think it's possible that during the same time period some of your fellow church-goers perhaps made love with their spouses? Why is it okay for them but not a nudist? I'm a nudist, and I rather like sex, myself. I've even had sex while nude, LOL! 🙂 …But never "in public," and I've never made anyone else feel uncomfortable about my private business–at nudist venues or anywhere else, for that matter.

    I think that nudists should feel empowered to experience their sexuality as naturally and completely as anyone else. Sexuality cannot be "controlled," and I think it's unreasonable and unnatural even to try to do so. Sexual attraction occurs under all sorts of different circumstances and I, for one, don't make a special allowance for hitting the sexual "off" switch just because I prefer to take off all my clothes for relaxing outdoors. And under that circumstance, if attraction occurs at some level, and if seeing one-another nude plays into that, I still don't see a problem. So long as people behave as respectful, courteous adults, where is the issue? The only time there would be a problem is if I start making totally uninvited, unwanted, invasive sexual advances based on the assumption that nakedness is an open sexual invitation to anyone.

    • Hi Joanne, from what I've observed, many of the people in my church and all the churches I've been to tend to be on the lookout for "sin". They are judgmental by nature. You see, they know I'm a family man and my wife is conservative and she would never go naked in front of others. They knew I went to the nudist resorts alone. They would consider any sexual indulgence I had without my wife a huge sin. They also thought that others would have indulged in "fornication". To them, sexual engagement outside of marriage is a sin. But I did point out to them that in ALL textile resorts, people do commit fornication and possibly more so than in naturist settings. But it's hard for them to stop judging even when there is nothing to judge. In their minds, the moment people are naked in a group, scenes of debauchery from the fable of Sodom and Gommorrah are immediately enacted in their minds. But in my country, almost everyone is conservative and it's not Christians alone.

      Let me add this: Last month, I was in Croatia with my son and we went to a nudist beach. Now nobody thought I indulged in extra-marital sexual activity because my son was with me but everyone felt that I was casting a "corrupting" influence on my son. I sometimes think that if there is nothing to judge, people aren't satisfied. My son is old enough and has thrown a hand grenade in military training and he could decide for himself and yet, they still behaved like I must have adversely influenced him. But then I could have been silent about everything but that's not me. My policy is to be open about everything and I don't give a flying toss if they choose to judge.

  10. I was watching an old documentry last night on nudism. probably early 60's vintage, a thought struck me while watching it but ill get back to that.

    A point was made that the heavy emphasis placed on cloths stems from the puritan standards present in the founding
    of America.And the churchs demonizing of sex. Basically , the more cloths you wear and the more your thoughts and ideas are controled the less you think about sex.

    From Freud to modern times there have been advocates of the theory that nudism promotes a healthier life and person.

    The wearing of cloths gives the individual a place to hide and a way to keep secrets. The biggest being im attractive simply because im Me.

    Now back to the thought i had.

    I disagree with the contention that there is no sex in the nudist lifestyle. Sex is there it is just not belaroured and pushed as it is in the textile world. Almost everything in the textile world from bubblegum
    to cars to electronics is sold with sex , either obvious or alluded to.

    In the nudist documentaries i have seen i have watched for the undertones if you will. What i have seen is yes its there as it is in all cultures, however the teens and young people are unfettered by the social taboos of the textile world. They seem even in play and activities to be more interested in the person they are with not the natural progression to sexual activities. In fact that issue seems to be a non issue.

    Unfortunatly I see no way of communicating that to the closeminded, opinionated, textile world.

  11. One of the main objections I face from conservative Christians in my church when I tell them I've just returned from a nudist resort is the assumption they make that I've engaged in some sexual activity. I always tell them that there was no sex at all but they find it hard to believe.

    There was a debate once in a naturist forum. It was a Nude Photo Competition and one contestant posted a photo of himself in an obvious state of arousal. His entry was banned and there was a debate as to what's wrong with an erection.

    My position is there is nothing wrong with photos of people in aroused states. There is nothing wrong with photos of people indulging in sex either. This is a free world and you can take all kinds of photos that you want. But if you have a photo of that nature, you shouldn't post it in a Nudist photo contest. You can post it in sexual sites or your own personal blog or your own personal photo album but not in a naturist site that has clear rules on this.

    Going back to Martin Osburn's interesting blog post, I think it's normal to have sexual feelings when naked just as it's normal to have sexual feelings when clothed. My cynical conservative Christian friend told me that he was sure there were others who had sex in that nudist resort even if I did not. I replied that that had nothing to do with nudism. People have sex in non-naturist resorts too and I don't say it's because they've been wearing clothes.

    I think it's perfectly all right to feel sensual when naked or clothed. Sexual feelings are natural and they aren't wrong.

  12. I've noticed when hiking and birding in the nude, I seem to notice and hear much more of my surroundings. I don't think its paranoia of being seen, it's your senses being sharpened and tuned in to nature like our ancestors.

    And yes, it feels good and sensuous to be unclad by rules.

  13. from the dawn of time the female has been worshipped. there is a logical reason for this . Ladies please pay attention, should you ever meet me in person what i am about to say will explain my adoring stares.

    The woman of the species has a power that can only be described and wonderous and humbling. Beyond the fact that every Woman is the living embodyment of The Goddess,
    every woman is born with a gift and power that no male no matter his station , wealty , power, or access to medical science can achieve.

    That Ladies is a power our ancesters appreciated far more than the males or churcu of today ever have.

    For all the power and strength that resides in the male ego, for all the abrahamic faiths demean the female there is a power that only resides in a woman. a power without which non of us would exist.

    That is the power of birth. only a woman can give birth to the next generation.

    Sexuality and sensuality have a place in all life.

    So ladies should we ever meet in the flesh so to speak , please allow me the great privledge of doing homage to your great and wonderous gift.

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