the human form and its historical place

from the dawn of time the human form has represented to the people the wonderous accomplishment of the creator. No matter
the era each was different and unique. Then to make the wonderful even more magnificent each has its own inner parts that
make it a truely wonder to be hold. so much so that the so called 7 wonders of the world pale in comparison.And then to top that the creator grant to the female of all species a gift that only they share.

You are probably wondering where im going with this or if there is a destination. Yes there is.

I read this article this morning
and it made me realize something. We the people of the world have become so conditioned and jaded by society , the marvels of science and medicine and iahve to include religion as well, that we forget the true wonders
from which we all of us have sprung.

a good few of the figurines found have been female and well endowed. to the scientests and professionals this is pornographic and must relate specifically to sex.the ancient verison of a blowup doll i guess.

Not one even those that hold that the carvings were not ancient porn have grasped the one simple truth that they simply pay homage to the greatest wonder known to any species. the wonder of birth.

Gentlemen , any of you that have children and have watched the birth process from conception to delivery. Is there a one of you that can deny the wonder and awe you experienced watching the strength and glow of the woman involved? is there a one that didnt watch in awe as your child grew with in her ? The changes in her body that she happily (well usually) went thru
all for the wonder of giving birth?

Are not our Women worthy then of our worship and homage?

It was not until the mid 50s that our perception of what a beautiful woman changed. With the advent of the barbie and playboy it changed to the cloths horse image. before that it was full figured with good child bearing hip.

Just because a person has several pretty sheets of paper on their wall does not mean they know what they are talking about.

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  1. I am the father of four children, so I got to watch that wonder play out four times. I was present for all four births, and had the awesome privilege of actually "catching" my first-born. The doctor wasn't ready, but I was, so I got an up-close and personal hand in the child-birth process.

    Mankind is the Crown, the capstone of God's creative genius, and the only part of His creation in which He was personally and intimately involved. Yes, man is a great marvel, but woman is an even greater marvel.

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