Nudity vs Sexuality

I believe that we can't separate our body from our sexuality. On the other hand my sexuality remains the same either I am staying clothed or naked.
What is important for both nudity and sexuality is the purpose in my mind. But whatever the purpose may be, I can't leave my sexuality back when I am naked.
From this point of view, nudism is one thing and sexuality is another. But sometimes it can be both on one. Because when I look at a naked body, could be simply a naked body or could be a sexual naked body. And this is exactly the same when I am watching a clothed body!
I believe that the declaration "Non sexual nudism" is wrong. Everything can be sexual or not, depending on what I have in my mind.
If we have to separate something from nudism and sexuality, this is porn and pornography.
Pornography is the AIDS of both nudity and sexuality.
For me, RESPECT for all humans, is the right word to use when I am talking about nudism and sexuality.
I re-post a very interesting article….

From a post on by Philip Werner photographer.
Dear lovers of the naked body,

It is a favorite refrain of naturists and nude models/photographers alike: “Nudity does not equal sex”, or “the naked body is not a sex object”.

The first is obviously true. Being naked and being sexual are clearly different. Otherwise everyone is having sex while in the shower, when getting changed, at the time of birth, etc.

But the second is a little more complex. Actually the human body is precisely a sex object, there is nothing else that humans were biologically designed to have sex with, but it is also much more than that, which is often insufficiently acknowledged.

Insisting that a nude image is not sexual, for example, is also problematic because it vilifies sex and sexual objectification. It is sex-negative. It contains the subtle message that sex is bad or base or low. Sinful.

And this is where the complexity arises. On the one hand nude models, photographers and naturists struggle against the mainstream view that nudity equals sex or is intended for sexual arousal, when the body is about so much more than just sex. But at the same time, denying our own or other people’s sexuality, saying that people feeling sexually aroused by the naked body are bad or wrong just ads to the sexual repression that leads to the body being hyper-sexualised in the first place.

If I posted a naked photo of myself, which I view mainly as a beautiful image rather than overtly sexual, and I’m bombarded with sexually lewd comments, then that could be really tiring. But with our society still being so sexually repressed this is something that will simply take time to change.

Like the #freethenipple campaign. Did you know that just 60 years ago men could not swim topless at public pools in some western countries? Obviously things have changed and they are also changing for women. That’s great, but it will take time. We’re moving in the right direction.

I would say that sexuality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. If I see something as sexual then who is anyone to tell me otherwise? Whether is beards, breasts, cars, ankles, high heels, hairy chests, six packs, etc., instead of shaming people for viewing any of these as sexual, lets simply celebrate all forms of (consensual) sexuality. Even penises and vaginas are not only used for sexual purposes, even they are not purely sexual.

In the mean time, the unfortunate reality is that we still have to deal with the the collective cultural shit around sex.

As I’ve written here earlier:

“We are in a time of transition.

The last few years has seen a proliferation of people posting their own nudes and/or sexual imagery. This has come with the advent of digital cameras (easy creation) and blogs (easily sharing).

People taking nude selfies, or at least having explored nude photography, has now almost become completely ubiquitous, and hence also much more accepted.

However, though the taking/making of nude and erotic content is now fairly accepted, especially between couples, we still have a long way to go for the sharing of said content to be accepted.

Unfortunately the people at the spearhead sharing such content are copping the brunt of what is currently still a lack of acceptance, being called a slut or a creep, receiving hate mail, or sexually lewd/rude comments etc. It’s hard, but seems to be the way of things when people step out of conformity.

We should be grateful for the people who push the boundaries of acceptance and bear the brunt of society’s discomfort. They are doing the hard yards.


10 thoughts on “Nudity vs Sexuality”

  1. Absolutely, we are all sexual in our own way. I love seeing naked people when I go to our naturist place in France. Some are really beautiful. But they may be even more sexual clothed.

    Being nude in a normal public environment is about enjoying the wind and sun on the body and swimming and walking without clothes. It is freedom. We are ourselves. Our character is not confused by our clothing.

  2. You are right. Humans are biological animals driven to mating by biology and evolution. Covering our bodies or not covering our bodies does not change our biological desires and attraction to potential breeding partners.

    Sometimes clothing are designed to show off sexual characteristics and increase sexual desire. Naked bodies have no such enhancements. Naked bodies are as sexual and as non-sexual as biology.

  3. We can discipline our appetites, whether hunger, sex, or other desires, for various reasons, from avoiding offense(not being gluttonous/sharing rationed supplies), to self-improvement (fasting/dieting) and more.

    Unfortunately textiled society wants to associate any nudist with the person who engages in sexual behavior in inappropriate places or inappropriate ways (Public display being one). Many naturists seek to disassociate nudism and sex in regards to social activity to demonstrate that nudists are not sexual exhibitionists.

    That doesn't divorce nudity and sex. Naturists certainly don't get dressed to have sex, nor do they abstain from sex. They just separate the two in social settings to help newcomers to nudism feel at ease and reduce if not eliminate sexual tension in the social setting.

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