Dash Of Fun!

We just had a lovely weekend with family staying over & a naturist couple from across the street popping in for chats & card games. These weekends are fairly rare so far this year although with working hours changing for some people it has proven difficult to arrange. Our niece, her partner Tony & son Mark were stripped off within 15 mins of arriving & they, like us, were thrilled when Eric & Sandra came too.
We don't usually play card games but as a laugh Mark said it would be funny if all these naked people played "Get-Dressed-Poker" instead of "Strip-poker". When we had to put clothes in neat piles at the side of us in correct order it was a laugh in itself. Tony insisted that we all have the same number of clothing items and things like rings & watches or neck jewellery did not count as items.
The laughter and comments got more hysterical as the hours slipped by, when the loser was the first fully clothed we stopped, but the clothed person stayed clothed we all got naked again! Sandra had to serve drinks & food nibbles in her full clothing, she was really hilarious as she pretended to be offended by the bare flesh everywhere.
When it got to 11:15pm we stopped our evening and began to sort out what clothes belonged to who, then Eric came up with a dare for Sandra. He said that as she had been fully dressed for 3 hours she ought to get naked to go home!
As they lived almost directly opposite in our quiet street she agreed to do a midnight streak, providing we all kept quiet so as to not attract attention.
She was true to her word and on the stroke of midnight her midnight wobbly dash across went ahead quietly. We did cheer afterwards and at least 2 neighbours opened blinds to see where the noise came from. We found out this morning that the only thing seen was me closing our door, one neighbour said, "Making such as noise is one thing, but to show your bared front is just not on!"
A lovely "FUN" weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a good party. A quick dash right across the street isn't much of a streak. I would have wanted to run around the block or something farther in the night. Being outside naked is thrilling and fun in so many ways.

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