Odd thoughts

A weekly chore my wife and I have is sorting laundry. Yes, we all have to wear clothes sometimes, but I digress. As I stood among the dirty laundry piled into various methods of sorts, I looked down and stated "of all of my appendages, my penis is rather a strange thing." In truth I suppose it is. In the grand design of the male body, it has no pair as the rest of my appendages. Yes I have two testicles, but of penis and shaft, I have but one. Now I wouldn't say my penis is small, I think it to be about average and that's fine as its the right size for me. It is rather amazing that in its relaxed state, it is rather small and protrudes from the body just far enough to say "hi." In all truthfulness in its non erect state, it seems rather vulnerable just hanging there in the breeze.

I suppose what is most interesting about the vision I saw as I stared down my torso was the simple fact that without sucking in my stomach I could actually see my penis. That is to say, that recently with the change of diet, I have lost a considerable amount of weight and my stomach no longer shadows my odd appendage.

I'm rather proud of my protruding friend, clean shaven and well designed. I know that this is a rather unique blog post, and if it offends…why are you here exactly? Yes, in the grand scheme of the male design it is rather strange to have just a singular penis in the middle of my torso but anatomically its placement makes a lot of sense. I would think it stranger still if it were in any other location.

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