Over My Shoulder 2

Out of the corner of my eye a shadow passes, or was it? Sitting at my computer I see my wife looking over my shoulder, or was it?
I sit in my armchair and reach forward to pick up my coffee, then before my fingers get to the mug it lifts up at least 2 inches above the arm, it moves out to my right and away from the chair arm, then in one swift but decisive move it tips over pours out the coffee and throws forwards to the floor! My wife calmly says "Why did you knock over the coffee cup?". I can only stare in credulity, I speak carefully so that my wife can clearly accept what just happened. " The pool of coffee is on the floor to my right, the mug is on the floor at least 2 feet in front of me, my hand is still only just raised off the chair arm, why would I pour the coffee onto the floor here & throw the mug there?"
I speak to my wife as I go into the bathroom, she is coming along towards the bathroom, I say, "I need the toilet now, can you wait a couple of moments?" I get no reply so I go ahead and do what I had planned to do! Soon afterwards I go to seek out my wife, she is no where to be seen in the house. Soon afterwards I see her coming towards our front door having just got out of a neighbours car? When she comes in I ask where she had come from just now. She answers "I went out to the supermarket with my friend, you were snoozing in the chair an hour ago!" I told her I had just spoken to her near our bathroom. She looked at me as if I were insane, she insisted "No you didn't, I was just at the supermarket, I have my friend who can agree and confirm it, I don't know who… or what you spoke to!"

These are samples of mysterious moments we experience, are they unique? Do you want to read more? Can you tell me of similar things that you have experienced? Not other peoples stories please, just your own.

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  1. The "real" experiences can be fun such as "deja vu" incidents which have only happened to me in great detail once (1960); or they can be terrifying. In the latter case I was walking thru a friend's empty home during a "goodbye" party. She had divorced from a very nasty brutal man. As a side point she considered me to be a "shaman" or healer.
    As I passed thru a specific part of a room I felt as if I were passing through a field of clinging cobwebs with a chill to them. When we finished the tour and returned the sensation happened again in that specific area.
    I asked her what the space was used for and she replied it was where her ex husband sat in his armchair. He wasn't dead but he sure left his mark. I don't want to ever feel that again.

  2. This is an every day occurrence for me. I do not try to find meaning in them. Perhaps I should. Or not. It is not that I am indecisive, it is just that new things are always drawing me in. I am like a butterfly just flitting along from one flower to the next. And there is always another flower.

  3. I have had very "real" dreams. I have also seen fast movement to the side or front which are floaters in my eyes. Like E.A.Poe I have seen giant monsters crawling in the cloudy afternoon while I was fully awake. It was a tiny spider crawling down my eyeglasses!

    • I suspect unexplained phenomenon such as spirits because there can be no other explanation that is logical. I cannot say what may/may not be happening to the next house/guy/etc only what is happening to myself. If I repeated whatever may/may not be happening to someone else maybe it could be dismissed as 'fantasy stories' or 'attention seekers' and even described as silly & petty gossip. When anything happens to me I can speak of it directly as MY personal experience.

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