Peace?. . . what is it?

Having children in our home is nice, as long as they know when to go home! We're not getting grumpy or too old for our years, we just have time that we call our own & kids seem to be invading that time! I lay down for a quick snooze yesterday, just as the house had gone quiet after a very hectic morning. I lay on the patio lounger and let the first spring sun play across my naked & knackered torso, the stillness & rest felt so calm & good. My eyes drifted to the clear blue sky above & slowly the peace invaded my mind & sleep arrived. Though I could still sense the odd small winged creature flit across my skin I was blissfully resting & happy. THEN. . . a small persons voice screeched into my ears & shattered the peace. I did that battle where your curiosity says 'open your eyes' and your stubborn brain says 'NO… what the f*ck is this invading my privacy, it can just. . f.. go away!'
After I realised that two young people were daring each other to prod & shove me into life I opened my eyes & growled at them, they screeched even louder and ran away. . momentarily. Their mum arrived making even louder & more shrill noises, my brain had to relent and join in with reality!
In less than ten minutes it seemed that we were hosting a child's birthday party? So much for the peace & tranquillity of my snooze. I dragged my aching old torso back to the house and around 8 young people almost trampled me down. Two mums & one dad laughed as I closed the lounge door, I muttered something not very sociable & grouched again.
Here we are now on a new day, Sunday, so hopefully this will be a day of rest. . . hopefully. . . but this time I have locked the door & the rear gate. Oh no.. my phone is calling me, playing the tones that say another young person is trying to contact me. . . oh joy!

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