Povera Italia – Report from a ghost country

Lombardy and Veneto, the two regions most affected by the flu, are in an emergency situation, almost a health curfew. Schools, libraries, cinemas and museums are closed, as are restaurants, concert-hall, no lectures (this is the third week and will last at least until April 3). Masses are celebrated behind closed doors, at funerals (and this is the most pitiful thing) only the closest family members can attend. In the supermarket supplies are scarce; it is compulsory to sanitize your hands before entering and use plastic gloves for shopping. This has been ordered by a government decree. Newspapers and news reports talk about nothing else and feed phobias and psychosis. Few cars on the streets, so much so that you could play football, few people on the streets, you don’t enter the shops more than three at a time, but there is no need to warn: people are locked indoors. Government order.
Even today I did not give up my daily exit was 6:45. Nature gives a damn about the flu, she doesn’t die, she doesn’t kill anyone. On the contrary, these very days, with rain and sun, everything is in turmoil: leaves, buds, flowers. Perfumes and fine air. It’s a pleasure to be outside. I think it’s also healthy, that the oxygen in the air can burn all the viruses in this world. Nature is on our side, not against us: that’s why I think this virus is something unnatural, created in some laboratory. And in the meantime, someone takes advantage of it, sells you masks, gives you alarmist information, makes media terrorism. That’s probably the real virus.

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