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Motivated by Ernest’s excellent Monopod review I’d like to provide a short review of the device I commonly use. For stabilizing my compact digital camera I find the camera-clamp from Langhans Konstruktion GMBH the perfect solution.

The camera thread, which fits all standard tripod mounts, swivels cleverly within the jaws of the clamp. Combined with the spring, which holds the clamp tightly on to the ball joint, this ensures a tight fit in every conceivable position.

The nice thing about it is that you can attach your camera firmly to just about anywhere, and at any angle. It’s both small and lightweight, and very well made. It will fix your camera firmly to your walking stick, a tree branch, a fence, table top edge, etc. I don’t go anywhere without it, and no I don’t get anything for recommending this excellent little device. 🙂

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      • I like the camera, it shoots great video, and with so many mounting options, and the countless DIY creative options, you can get angles and views that you don't normally see. I really want to get a quadcopter and do some aerial videos down the road.

        As for the memory, you need a SDHC or SDXC class 10 (minimum) card. I have only had one problem with a SanDisk card, and I returned it to Sandisk and they replaced it at no cost to me.

        I use it with our jet ski, and when my daughter and her fiancee wake board. I also use it when I do my nude hikes.

        I have the GoPro Hero3 Silver edition, with the waterproof case, floaty back, a 8 foot long expandable painters pole, 3 batteries, the suction cup mount, a DIY braided tether cord, and a whole mess of other mounts, and I am always looking for more!

        I really want to get a second GoPro, so I can have multiple views. I would love to have a camera mounted on the handlebars of my mountain bike looking up at me, while I am wearing either a chest or head mounted camera, getting where I'm going.

  1. This is a wonderful device. If you fix it to your walking stick, it's almost as good as a monopod!!!

    And I must learn how to write a neater blog from you. I notice you link the photo to your album? I normally just link my photos to my google+ album but that makes all my photos very large on the blog itself. I do the <img src code. Although it makes posting pics a breeze (which explains why I can post effortlessly so many photos in my blog), my photos tend to be very big in my blog.

    • If you look at any photos on here, you will see they all have a "view all sizes" link. If you use one of the smaller sizes, you can use the image_path.jpg as the img src. This gives you the smaller, tidier image. Then you can wrap it in an "a" tag using the href to point to the image page instead, making all the images easily viewable and clickable.

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