Reflection is a word with multiple meanings. And just the reflection of the trees and me on the path flooded by the last rains led me to some reflections.
1) when we put a foot in the water, circles are generated one after the other that enlarge and move away: the circle is a geometric figure that gives the sense of completeness and harmony: it seems to want to close within itself something that it accepts; the water appears to expand, to breathe
2) the reflection presupposes presence: and with presence comes a (silent) dialogue between all the elements. Photography too has analogies; photography also speaks of a double presence: the place and me: the place is as if awakened by the sun’s rays. I, too, am undoubtedly animated; something awakens, my eyes open, new thoughts come to my attention: thoughts that come from tangible things, from nature… which seems indifferent to my presence. But why then does it greet me and include me in its perfect circles?


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