Refreshing waters

This is a representative picture of yesterday’s beautiful hike along the Re torrent in the Inzino Valley (N45°43’12”,E10°10’38”), not far from home. The path runs along the stream: about every 500 m there is a small waterfall and a tiny lake. The water is crystal clear, refreshes, washes the sweat, restores tone to the muscles. It feels like I was far from the world, but suddenly I realised that this is the real world.

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    • I’m glad, Luis, that you agree with the idea that I’ve made of nature as the real world. You’ve emphasized the difference with the world we’ve built – and love too much. Nature doesn’t pretend that we adore it, it doesn’t force us to defend it (unless we hurt ourselves by not doing so). It gives us without even the pretence of a thank you. Even without it showing us, it is happy to make us happy; otherwise, we would not feel so good. These are concepts that do not need a demonstration, just a little attention. By opening our eyes, taking off masks and useless tinsels, making our body participate as much as possible with nature, we can understand something, that day after day becomes a life experience, we learn to live as life wants us to live.

    • Yes this thinking definitely resonates with my own thoughts when I’m walking in the hills near my house.
      It’s a beautiful walk unfortunately it is a road so I cant be completely naked but I think the cars that occasionally pass are already quite shocked at how few clothes I’m wearing Haha

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