Religion, nudity , age of consent.

Nudity today is condemned primarily because of the false teachings of first the church of rome (the one founded by peter and paul).

A close reading of the genisis story of the garden reveals that yahweh was not angry at adam and eve for eating the apple. He was angry because by eating the apple they gained the knowledge that they were naked. When they gained that knowledge the became ashamed and covered their nakedness.

Conclusion: Yahweh was pleased to watch their nude activities, including sex as it is during this period that eve gave birth. Perhaps the world is so fed up today because humanity is still hiding their nakedness from Yahweh?
Perhaps Yawhew is even kinkier than the most dedicated BDSMer?

It has only been in recent years that a woman was restricted to being over 18 in some cases 21 to marry. The most modern example of course is Loretta Lynn who married when she was 15. That marraige although bumpy lasted 50+ years.

In ancient judism the girl could and often would marry soon after her bat mitzvah (hope i got the spelling right)at an age of 12-14. The same for the boy. Which means that by the time of the temple incident (the bible states Jesus was in his 12th year)Jesus would have been between 25 and 28 years old and been married with a child that was considered an adult .

My point is all the taboos that we suffer under today are the result of a religion that was founded by 2 men that had issues with women. My personal thought is they were so ugly they couldnt get a hooker in a whore house.

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  1. I am neither a specialist in religions nor theologian, I am above all a human being.
    For me, the spirit of openness should be a principle of humanity. Our religious, our skin color, our native language, our culture, our education, our nationality without any exceptions should be an asset and not a limitation.
    To all those who believe in God, I just remember:
    – that all texts that refer to religion were written by humans,
    – that these humans, as they may have been saints, were fallible,
    – that multiple and often conflicting and different translations have been the source of conflicts
    – That it is precisely on the basis of some of these texts and their fallacious interpretations that some veiled women, hand cut and organize attacks.

    Do not fall into the trap of saying that someone wrote this or that, let's be open, let's be tolerant.
    Religion should be what it means etymologically: "re" and "ligio" a back bond

    Naturism, I consider it as a life art (art de vivre), an art in full meaning of the term.
    This allows me to accept my body without judging, allows me to accept the body of another without judging. Whether body is young or old, whether body is big or small, whether female or male, body is above all an envelope, a package and the important thing is above all what's inside .
    What I often say is that we are all gifts and our body is the gift wrapping paper. That for this gift even more appreciated (especially by ourselves) we must maintain it well.

    There should be a great link between religion (attorneys in the sense of linking) and naturism: that of acceptance, sharing and self-love and neighbor without jugement.

  2. Greg F. I believe in a God. Just not the war/storm god of the sinai. I also believe in a Goddess as did the ancient hebrews.
    The Holy of Holies was the bed chamber of yhwh and his consort Shekinah. the symbol YHWH now said to represent yahweh is actually a reference to the holy family , Father , MOTHER, Son, and , DAUGHTER.

    It was paul that created the myth of the divinity of Jehouasua. paul was anti women ( probabbly because he was so repulsive he couldnt get a hooker in a whorehouse) 30 years after the fact.

    Jordan E. i envite you to tell my wife that she is "the weaker sex and needs protection" a suggestion first, make sure your medical and burial insurance is paid up. She has on one occassion "choked out" a man over 6 ft and 190 twice in a few minutes. another of my students gutted her ex when he tried to beat her. the list is endless.

    Here is something you all will find funny, I live a bdsm D/s
    life style, Every sub that i have had has been taught self defense. and not the namby pamby bullshit that is taught
    by police and community service org.s . they are taught to go for disabling targets. IE your throat , your knees , all 3 of them. They are also taught that it is defence until your attacker can no longer mount an attack.

  3. I hope that I am the first person this holiday season to wish Don K. and Bob K. a happy and holy Christmas. God loves you even if you deny him. His Son has saved you despite yourselves but don't worry. You still have free choice.

    I find much of the above vitriolic to be insulting to those of us believers who have an education beyond primary school.
    Much of it is laughable and not supportable by any reliable source.

    I will agree with Jordan. Many fools have started wars using religion as a reason. Most religions say to love/tolerate/do as/bond with……….
    The people who start wars, except those of the currently notorious Islam branch, are not following the precepts of their religion.
    I'm done.

  4. Sorry, Patrick. You have it backwards. Religion has been a cover for war making. And as for your basic truth (your off the wall framework for civilization), better minds than yours and mine recognize that women as the actually weaker sex need the protection of clothing and the good will of good men .

  5. Asceticism and condemnation of bodies as "sin" and "filth" has been an integral part of the Abrahamaic religions at least since Moses railed against the Hebrew people for their lasciviousness while he was climbing mount Sinai. Taking away human pleasure in our bodies is all a part of taking control of our lives an forcing obedience. It permeated Jewish culture before the Christian and Moslem variants took it to new levels of intolerance.

    Christian Canon Law was the law in Europe for a thousand years. It prohibited marriage of a girl before age 7. Today's Christian are quick to criticize Muhammad for following similar standards.

    It doesn't take much understanding of evolution and biology to observe that thousands of generations of female breeding around age 13 or so must have been how the age of human female puberty was established. And even that is quite old compared to the females of most mammalian species. The late 20th century change to 18 or older is contrary to human biology and driven by anti-marriage agendas.

  6. It is my opinion that 'Religion' is at the root of most wars & major battles between man since time began.
    No matter which book of stories you believe to be your foundation stone for your 'religion' there will always be the undeniable truth, they are story books. Many stories written out of context & time, many translated more than dozens of times.
    It is not my intention to ignite another argument between 'believers' and 'agnostics' but I would ask for people to accept the basic truth, man (& woman) were meant to be naked, wearing only protective raiment's when required for safety.

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