Look.. No Willy!

We played in the back garden, when I was around 7 years old, with our cousin Susan who is about 2 years older than I am. My sister was just under 2 years younger than me. We had a large sheet spread out on the lawn, I had my swimming trunks on, the two females had bikini type costumes on. Even at that age I soon realised that they had top half's to their swim wear but nothing to really cover with them. After quite a while I got curious and directly asked Susan, "Why do you put that on when you don't have any titties?" I assume my vocabulary was from what I had overheard?. Susan looked a little puzzled at first, then after a moment or two actually phrasing her answer in her mind first so that she could make it sound 'knowledgeable' she answered "It's because we are girls, we don't have what boys have so we grow titties, that means we have these to practice!" she sai tugging at her top. I was momentarily baffled, so I asked "What don't you have that boys have?" She smiled and ushered me to her side, carefully she pulled open the front of her bikini pants and pointing down inside she said "LOOK.. No willy!" Of course I did look, of course I knew what I was looking at because I had a younger sister. Wanting to sound baffled I retorted "Oh no, you broke your willy off and its got a cut in it!"
That moment lived in my memory right along the years. When I had a conversation with Susan more than 50 years later I reminded her of that incident. To my surprise she remembered it too! She scowled at me and said "Even then you knew what you were doing, you understood what you were looking at!"
"Yes," I replied "I did and I made sure I saw yours and many more in the years since then, I have learned even more about the differences between females & males, it isn't all in between the legs neither!"
All I can add now is… Viva La Difference!

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  1. Very funny! I had a similar experience when I was about 6 or 7. The neighbor girl and I were playing in our fort and for some reason she took off her shorts. I had never seen a female down under and had no idea what it should look like. She asked to see me and I obliged. She smiled and then we put our shorts back on. I just remember how funny she looked with just a slit. I had no idea what it was designed for! lol

  2. Quick thinking Patrick. I will always remember when my 14-15 year old sister and a female cousin gave me and the cousin's sister a bath together. We were 4 years old and as we sat in the tub she pointed at my groin and yelled "what's that?" A natural wit,I pointed back and asked "What's that?".
    She remembered 60 years later.

  3. Your story reminds me of a cartoon I saw yrs ago. A pair of kids were talking with their hand inside each others shorts. The girls caption said, " No wonder boys run faster, you have a stick shift and ball bearings."
    The boys caption read, " No you can't play with it. You already broke yours off! "

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