H2O Sauna, Newcastle

I'd lke to recommend H2O Gay Men's Sauna and Bath-house, Newcastle.

I'm a regular Customer there; I like it for it's friendly and relaxed Atmosphere with no pressure on Visitors.
Full Facilities including Cafe, 13-Man Jaccuzzi with Flat-screen TV, Steam-room with privacy Alcoves.
Discrete 2-Man Cabins with large Beds and free Accessories.
Competitive Prices and Offers each Week including Student-concessions and Offers on Meals.
Friendly, Discrete and well-informed Staff.
Open 11.00 -23.00 Daily.
Dress Code: Clothing only Compulsory in Public areas and Cafe. Otherwise Nudity Normal.

Website: http://www.h2o-newcastle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/H2ONewcastle/


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