renewed introduction

I’ve been absent from this site for a while … nothing to do with the site.

I still have a blogpost from 2014 describing myself … some things are however inaccurate by now
The system doesn’t let me edit the post ? I have no rights to edit my own posts apparently.

So here goes the new intro :

I’m a happily married, long time IT professional and amateur golfer. Golf bragging rights : hcp 8.
When dressed (sometimes you really have to) I wear a kilt… and I still feel the naturist 😉
I’m a licensed massage therapist.
I’m trained wellness/life coach where I wanna focus on body image, confidence and self-esteem issues.
To help with all that I’m heavily into meditation, Qi Gong and all things psychological.
Also I’m no stranger to some weird philosophy-ing.

If you wanna know how weird I can be you’ll better talk to my wife 😉

I have a facebook page :
And a second : – that page however has nothing to do with naturisme and all with kilts (:))

greeting to all and a very fine, prosperous and as naked as possible life




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