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    • I once belonged to a AANR club which had a similar rule. Single men could join, but married men had to bring their wives. There was no equal rule about married women bringing their husbands. I don't care for discrimination.

  1. I am not opposed to resorts gender balancing by limiting the amount of single men but I am opposed to outright discrimination. I am also a big believer that if you do not like a rule, spend your money elsewhere. At the rate a lot of resort are losing money and closing, believe me, sooner or later they will start loosening their rules about single men. Unfortunately for many resorts, naturism overwhelmingly attract men. Men are far more comfortable being nude especially publicly and in the presence of others.

  2. I am a strong advocate of equality. If single members are allowed then ALL single members should be allowed. If only married members are allowed then that means only married members.

    There has been a history of discrimination against men at the AANR which is unfortunate and has harmed the whole nudist movement. The discriminatory policies include not only admission, but how men are treated differently than women if we are allowed.

  3. Of course single men should be allowed in official nudist clubs, same as single women. Singles are human beings also. If not allowed might be based on unpleasant experiences or the club in question is just a bad club. Be happy not to join it.

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