Starting to be myself with family . . .

I enjoying living clothing free. I have been doing so full time at home for the past few years. Last year I went hiking with my father in law, it was during this time that I revealed to him that I prefer being clothes free and ended up hiking clothing free with him not taking offense.

Now we found a walk/hiking trail called the Striptease Trail, about 160km away from our house. We did this hike early this year and I was able to be clothing free without worrying about textiles. Now my wife who is currently against social nudity is happy to go to do this trail with me and the kids every now and again, but as long as I don't invite others or plan a event.

So we plan to do it next week Sunday, 14 Feb. Now she was thinking of inviting her dad along but he has duties to attend at Church, which he cannot get out of. So whilst chatting to my mom, I mentioned to her that we are planing to go hiking but she would probably not be interested. I explained that I walked the route clothes free and so did my daughter and at a few pools my son also joined us skinny dipping. My wife also joined us in skinny dipping only at the last pool. But I did explain that to hike and swim clothing free was optional.

My mom reaction was that she is prepared to prepare a picnic basket, she will wear her costume and will not "look" at me. My response – Yep you need to look at my face!! She says she will not undress or skinny dip but is looking forward to the trip.

So I'm slowly stating to be me with my family as now my Father-in-law and mother-in-law, my sister and by next week my mom will know that I prefer a clothing free lifestyle and none of them seem upset about it. Only thing is when they visit me they have requested that I am clothed.

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  1. I am very happy for you Brent and pleased that your extended family is accepting your hiking options. I know the difficulties of persuading a reluctant wife & young children can be a major problem. So carry on with your aim to make 'clothes-optional' acceptable in many more places. If only total nakedness was so readily accepted!

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