There seems to be so many people now suffering from Cancer. There are so many variants and so many 'experts' to each variant diagnosed. Almost every day we hear of another person losing life or battling against this epidemic of the 21st century. In my own family we have lost people and endured lengthy treatments for some that seemingly were to no avail, apart from extending the time we could share with our loved ones. Quite recently a neighbour of ours has been diagnosed with cancer, a rare form of which can only be accurately identified when it is already at a critical life threatening stage. Although this friend has already 'beaten' lung cancer on an earlier occasion, he was absolutely shocked to find that he possibly has about 7 months of life left due to this new finding. For those who choose to seek out more information via various search engines on the internet, he has "Mantle Cell Lymphoma" and it is aggressive and fatal.
So again that awful 'C' word is blighting a life close to us, it was such a shock to be faced with this news, the look of total disbelief on his wife's face as she told us, was frightening, such a wonderful warm hearted woman who is totally devoted to her husband was in tears. Her gradual acceptance of the situation was creeping slowly upon her and festering inside her as much as the cancer in her man. The look of radiant beauty was slowly being taken over by a gaunt look of terror, fear, dread & stunned awareness, what is there to say to her in their situation? Condolences? Sympathy? Friendly hugs & Compassion? whatever help or advice we can give all seems so futile. At times life itself can be so cruelly tragic.

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  1. Unfortunately with all the food additives we currently have, I fear cancer will grow even more. Money is spent on treatments and delays, but not enough on actual causes.
    When we have large corporations, ie Monsanto, controlling our food crops and farms, things will only get worse.

    I've lost my mother too young, 2 uncles, an aunt and a good friend from cancer. My eldest brother had and beat bladder cancer, my father had colon cancer, it's rife in our modern society.

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