Skinny Dipper Springs

Just visited skinny dipper Hot springs 1 hr NE of Boise ID. What an awesome 1/2 day trip. I was away from home on a buisness trip so unfortunately my wife couldn't join me. But, I had family in Boise who I had not seen and years so Aunt and Cousin taged along but preferred to stay clothed. It was my little cousin's first time seeing social nudity so I'm proud of her for being able to cross that bridge and be ok with it (when I originally told her that there could be nude people there she said she wouldn't get in if there were but eventually changed her mind). I think my aunt stayed clothed due to me being there but I bet if we went again she would be more comfortable. It was also my first time meeting fellow naturists my age. All around good time! Looking forward to visiting my next Hot spring


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