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  1. You should probably realize, Gill, that a lot of this is hype. The city of Munich has been generally tolerant of nudists in certain areas for decades, and there several areas which are specifically allocated for the enjoyment of "naked recreation" (mostly sunbathing). This is from the *official* city website: http://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Kreisverwaltungsreferat/Sicherheit/FKK.html

    So it's old news, really, but it still makes good headlines though 🙂

  2. . . . . 'stripping off in public is the voluntary removal of a heavy mask, a return to unvarnished honesty rather than some titter-worthy peek-a-boo. Places where this is allowed to happen are spaces of truce, where there is a generally observed agreement that people will spare each other physical scrutiny and appraisal.' a few lines I enjoyed – from an 'Independant' article linked from the linked article above. (read the entire article from the link below)

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