Worrying about appearances.

The trouble with a lot of people, is they only see what's on the surface. Their thoughts are "how impressive is that person to me?". And these thoughts, or impressions, are made up of the external features, the clothing, the uniforms, we all wear at different times. It's so rare to meet people who really take you as you ARE, not as you appear to be. So often, we are judged by our appearance, and not by our actions.

This is where the "offense to public decency" charges comes from. (some) people choose to take offence by the external appearance of another, rather than by their actions. How many people have you heard of who have been attacked, and robbed or raped or violated in some way, by a naked person? Zero? One? …?

How many people have you hard of who have been attacked, and robbed or raped or violated in some way, by a clothed person? Hundreds (local robberies)? Thousands (riots and inter-group/tribal conflict)? Hundreds of thousands (wars)? Millions (more and world wars)? There aren't enough databases in the world to hold that information!

If more people concerned themselves with what is actually going on, rather than how someone *might* behave because of the uniform they are wearing, or not, we might all get on a little better. Conclusions might be based on facts, rather than fantasy.

This all goes much further than just being concerned about negative possibilities. The same applies to when you look at someone and are impressed by their fashionable clothing, or how "good they look in their uniform". This is all just window-dressing, the substance still lies underneath, regardless of what textiles are draped over the top. Perhaps we should take more care to be impressed by what people do, rather than what they look like they might do. Decisions might be based on actions, rather than promises.

Are people worrying about the wrong thing…?

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  1. The first thing i notice about a person is their eyes. I find eyes facinating. They truely are the windows to the soul.

    on occasions i have met people with really arresting eyes. Last evening we went to our local pub, when we walked in there was a new young lady working the take out counter.Not unusual for this place. As I walked in she happened to look right at me. I almost missed a step her eyes were so beautiful and arresting much the same as the eyes of Neferitti and Nefertari are protrayed.

    She is a very pretty and well built young lady and id bet that was the first time she has had someone comment on her eyes.

  2. True Richard, but people love to gossip and badmouth others. I do not care about what others wear because I'm a nudist, so I accept differences. Non nudists look at nudists with disgust because they see nudity as sexual and are offended by our nudity (which tells a lot about the acceptance of their own body).

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