Spending Valentine’s Day with my mom in the buff . . .

As they say the best way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to be in the buff. And for this year we planned for the family to celebrate it by doing a hike called the Striptease Trail. The only snag was that I invited my Mom to join us . . . . how did this happen?

Well, I was giving her a rundown on what the plans were for the two weeks ahead and then went one to tell her about the walk we plan to do on Valentine’s Day, which I said you would not be interested in as I walk and my daughter walk this route in the nude. But she was keen to tag along and even provide the food but stated that she will not undress.

So here we were in the parking area of the Hike with my mom very excited and I’m a bit nervous as I was last in the nude in front of my mom when I was about 6 or 7. But as we got to start of the trail I took off my clothes put them away and did not look back. My mom did not bat a eyelid, even when I had to pull her up a rock with everything dangling in front of her.

It was a great walk we got to explain to her our views on nudity and how I felt more comfortable being clothes free. She mentioned to me that in the almost 50 years of marriage to my dad that my dad has never left the bathroom without having a pair of jocks and a pair of shorts on with a vest.

So I ended up spending close on 9 hours completely nude with my mom and she had no issues. I must admit one thing though I got sun-burnt on the top of my legs which makes sitting uncomfortable but as it’s the folds between my legs and stomach and putting on trousers for work is painful. But I would not change it for anything else.

As for my mom she is still talking of what a fabulous day she had hiking and she can’t wait to go again, but maybe on an easier walk.

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  1. My father was so prudish I was surprised how nonchalant my mother was. On hot humid summer days she would wear a simple thin dress that hid nothing. As Steve McFarland said above, as far as I was concerned she had seen it and cleaned it all.

  2. My mom is 85 and very prudish, so me being naked around her would be very uncomfortable for her. She accepts that I am a naturist and doesn't seem to have a problem with me just wearing a pair of gym shorts, but the last time she saw me naked was when I was 13, and it wasn't that I "enforced" my "modesty", rather SHE "enforced" my "modesty".

  3. I see no problem Brent with you being naked with your mum. My parents both brought me into naturism (& my sisters & brother)so we never had any issue with anyone's nakedness.
    In my mother's last years she needed a lot of help to stay in her own apartment. We took turns in going to do whatever tasks needed doing, including helping her have a bath & often helping her to dress or undress. When I stayed at her place for a couple of months she saw me naked as much as ever before. I don't think she ever really questioned anything. No-one did.

    • True, but still she has not seen me naked sfor almost 40 years. Also I did not know how she would handle the fact that my kids also enjoy nudity and we were so open about it. Completely different from my upbringing

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