Spouses That Participate in Social Nudity

One of the greatest joys of my life was when my wife decided to participate in social nudity. We have several times visited nude beaches and have spent time at Hippie Hollow at beautiful Lake Travis near Austin (the only officially sanctioned nude venue in Texas), but we only last summer got involved in social nudity, including naked 5k runs, 3 day weekends at nudist resorts, and naked dinner parties here at the house. Next month we are spending a week at Lake Como in Florida.

I know how important it is to husbands to have their wives share this part of their lives. But in today's political and religious environment, it's very difficult for many women to disrobe in public. As nudists, we understand the problem, and at the same time we have difficulty understanding it because we know how liberating and enlightening social nudity is. Hopefully the younger generations coming along now will move society toward a more enlightened perspective on the human body and social nudity. The Europeans have done it, why shouldn't we?

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  1. My wife is deceased and we did not share this experience together socially except for one time late at night at a friends pool party. Would she have been willing? I'll never know! But, it would be totally up to her! She was very social and friendly with everyone so I know that part would be fine! God bless and keep her! She was the best!

  2. It is really difficult to convince my wife to join me. I have been going for 3 years and she has every excuse known. "my boobs are too saggy, I'm 50 and there's gravity, I'm not young anymore, I hate the fact that I sweat, it's against my upbringing, it's against my Religion, what would people think of me, I know it's all about sex, I'm not pretty enough, what if people stare, I have cellulite, all the girls in the magazines look young and beautiful, I don't look like a model, does my ass look fat? I have a zit on my ass I can't go, it's too cold, it's too hot, I haven't shaved, I'm on my period, I have to work, there's nobody to watch our dogs, what would my mother think, what would our neighbors say, I wonder what the Pope would think, maybe the ladies from church would find out, I am waiting for an important phone call, I promised my Mom I would go hang out with her today, I need to shop for a bra, I'm spending the day cleaning," and ON and ON and ON, excuses excuses

    But as a Man, I shouldn't be caught dead with any other of her female friends that want to go, because that would be "cheating" according to the marriage dictionary that only she possesses.

    I simply ask her if she would like to accompany me to the Nudist Venue. If she goes great if not then oh well.

  3. It's not often warm enough here so we head for France for many weeks. There are some good naturist campsites there. As soon as my wife feels the hot sun she is happy being in the nude. We will be heading off again next month. At the moment where I live it is windy, raining and cold. Instead of getting naked I am putting extra clothes on!!

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