Sunday morning

In a recent post of mine, I said that on the streets you could walk naked because there are no cars, there are no passers-by. Usually, on Sunday morning this road was very busy: cars, cyclists, people taking a walk, families enjoying the day off. This morning the road in front of my house looked like this. As a precautionary measure imposed by the government and the Lombardy Region, I could not go out. In essence, they recommended us to stay at home, to use masks. I’ would have piled up a bundle of fines!


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    • As far as courage is concerned, it comes to you alone, as a natural thing. When YOU WANT something: i.e. when you move on your initiative because you have well understood which direction to move. Or when YOU DO NOT WANT something: i.e. when you have to defend yourself against someone or something that compromises your identity. Courage and self-esteem go hand in hand. I *wanted* to take this picture, taking advantage of the deserted road; I *didn’t want* to miss this unique opportunity. To pose naked also means to put a project into practice, to throw the hook in the middle of the stream, to be proactive, to find a way forward.

  1. A friend of ours who is not a naturist but often visits our (naked) home, had a funny experience which caused her embarrassment at first but she laughed later. Brenda had a shower just before her husband came home from work, she wrapped a towel around her waist & another around her hair. When she went into the kitchen to make coffee for both of them she was surprised when he came home earlier than usual, she gave him his coffee as he smiled at his Brenda’s daring topless calmness. He asked her if she would take his work bag from the car (in the garage) so that he could get his overalls out for washing. Later as she lifted the bag from the car she realised the garage door was still open. In an effort to close it she began to stress and swear at the awkward door. Suddenly her neighbour Harry reached up and grabbed the door lever, he said “Stand clear & I’ll lower it for you”. Without really thinking she just thanked him, got the bag & went inside. As she put the bag down she suddenly gasped. “Oh my word! I just let Harry talk to me while I was topless, he saw my breasts!” Her husband laughed and said “Good for you! now you are halfway to being a nudist !” Later as she began to dress in her bedroom she laughed too, she admired herself in the mirror thinking, ‘ Not bad looking breasts either! ‘

    • Nice to read you, Riccardo. In this paradoxical situation, there is an escape route that makes everything grotesque. I never thought I’d get this selfie under normal conditions! So it also becomes a testimony of an extraordinary period, but almost an opportunity to think differently. And you become aware of the essentiality.
      Despite the decrees, I can’t give up my daily mileage; to keep myself healthy, to keep my defences high, to immunize with oxygen, motion, vitamin D. And I am forced to walk like an outlaw as if I were guilty of something. An administrative decree from the government is not enough to take away my constitutional rights and circumvent legislative procedures: Parliament is closed.

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