Running despite confinement

Since Tuesday we have been in confinement to try to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, so no more sports training with my group of runners that I used to meet twice a week. But short displacements, close to home, linked to the individual physical activity of people are still allowed with a movement certificate. So on Sunday morning I went back to a small path close to my home, a path where I used to take my children when they were little, but which I hadn’t used for many years. In fact this path follows the trajectory of a track for the wagons coming out of a cement stone mine. There are still a few traces of this old activity. Portions of rails on the ground, the walled exit of the mine and two rusty wagons abandoned at the side of the road. It is a place that is so little frequented in normal times that I thought I wouldn’t meet anyone there under the current conditions and I allowed myself to run naked, even though it is so close to the city. The distance is not long, some 500 or 600 meters, but by making several round trips I made a small run of almost half an hour. That’s always a good thing to do in this period of sporting scarcity.

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